Equiwinner™ Signs On 3rd Day Endurance Racing as Newest Sponsored Stable

Signal-Health, North American distributor of the Equiwinner patch, announced today that they have signed on to sponsor 3rd Day Endurance Racing.

Owned by Eli and Laura Rye, 3rd Day Endurance Racing has dual locations in Hockley Valley, Ontario and Lake City, Florida and specializes in breeding, training, competition and sales of Arabian horses.

Endurance racing is a sport that relies heavily on proper hydration and electrolyte balance for its equine athletes. While Signal-Health began sponsoring 3rd Day Endurance Racing in January of this year, the 3rd Day team has been using Equiwinner and seeing its positive results for years.

“Our endurance horses train between 30 and 50 miles per week and compete at distances of 50, 75 and 100-mile races, often in hot and humid conditions,” said Laura Rye of 3rd Day Endurance Racing. “Proper electrolyte balance is essential to keeping our horses fit to continue their training and during competition.”

Electrolyte supplementation is a common occurrence for endurance horses, given the extreme fitness and physical exertion the sport requires. 3rd Day has found the Equiwinner patches allow their horses to get the most out of their electrolyte supplements, both in and out of race training.

“We have found success with this product on many levels, from horses prone to tying up to even helping our older mares get in-foal during breeding season. It’s a wonderful product that we stand by,” said Laura Rye.

Roughly 70 percent of a horse’s body composition is water and all bodily functions depend on conductivity of fluids in and around cells. As such, electrolytes are involved in every physiological process in the horse’s body. When a horse’s electrolyte levels are low or not balanced properly, it can have a significant effect on a horse’s health and performance.

Equiwinner is a patented, non-transdermal electrolyte-balancing patch. The patches contain only balanced electrolytes, which, when applied to the horse’s body for a 10-day treatment period, balances the electrolytes present in the horse’s system. When used as directed, a single treatment can aid in the resolving of conditions such as EIPH bleeding, tying-up, anhidrosis, headshaking, thumps, skin irritations and more with no risk that it would ever test positive.

“Domesticated horses, no longer in their natural environment, can struggle with things like electrolyte balance,” said Barbara Socha. “Equiwinner restores their natural electrolyte balance so the electrolytes work properly, which has a variety of positive benefits and allows for a reduction in electrolyte supplementation, which in turn is easier on their stomachs.”

Since being launched in 2004, Equiwinner patches have gained a loyal following in both high performance equestrian sports and recreational riders alike.  Science has shown that electrolyte imbalance can be a significant contributing factor or ultimate cause of a variety of equine health and performance issues, including bleeding due to EIPH, non-sweating, headshaking and tying up. Equiwinner patches have an overwhelming success rate in significantly improving or fully resolving such issues, so much so that Signal-Health offers a money-back guarantee.

To learn more or for information on how to order Equiwinner patches, go to signal-health.com

About Equiwinner
Equiwinner is a patented all-natural patch that balances the electrolytes in a horse’s body. By restoring the balance and proper utilization of electrolytes in a horse’s system, Equiwinner patches have proven to successfully reduce and/or fully resolve bleeding (EIPH), non-sweating (anhidrosis), tying up, headshaking and other chronic equine ailments. To learn more, visit signal-health.com

 About 3rd Day Endurance Racing
Owned by Eli and Laura Rye, 3rd Day Endurance Racing is a breeding, training and racing stable with a specialty in Arabians used for endurance racing.  They have assembled a team of professional athletes with skills comprising of horse breaking, training, and endurance racing. They also have two full-time farriers, a veterinary assistant and 10 fully committed individuals working full time to bring out the very best that a horse has to offer.

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