Certified Horsemanship Association Driving and Vaulting Certifications Coming Up Soon

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(March 2022) – The Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) conducts over 80 certifications a year around the United States and Canada for English/Western Riding Instructors, Equine Facility Managers and more. Here are two specialty certifications that are coming up in 2022 – one for Driving Instructors and Drivers and the other for recreational Vaulting Coaches in the equine industry.

These multi-day events enable participants to be certified at whichever level they can achieve during the certification. So if someone has been teaching driving or coaching vaulting for a while, he/she could potentially achieve the highest level during just one certification.

The CHA Driving Instructor/Driver Certification will be held at Swiftsure Ranch Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Bellevue, Idaho from September 19, 2022 to September 21, 2022. Interested parties can go here to Register Now

The CHA Vaulting Coach Certification is being held at the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto/Misty Meadows in Conroe, Texas from June 4, 2022 to June 6, 2022. Interested parties can visit here to Register Now and this certification includes meals and lodging.

To see the full list of CHA Certifications set so far for 2022, please visit – https://cha.horse/search-cha-certifications-by-location/ or by visiting https://cha.horse/find-cha-certifications-by-date/ or by going to https://cha.horse/find-cha-certifications-by-type/

CHA Equine Professionals Change Lives Through Safe Experiences with Horses. The purpose of CHA is to promote excellence in safety and education for the benefit of the horse industry. CHA certifies equine professionals such as riding instructors and equine facility managers, accredits equestrian facilities, publishes educational manuals, produces educational streaming videos and webinars, and hosts regional and international conferences. For more information on the largest certifying body of equine professionals in North America, Certified Horsemanship Association, please visit www.CHA.horse or call 859-259-3399.  To find a certified horseback riding instructor or accredited equine facility near you, visit www.CHA.horse


For More Information and Photos
Contact: CHA Office
720-857-9550 or office@CHA.horse