Give Your Horse Freedom from Flies This Season with Equiwinner

Equiwinner ™, the electrolyte-balancing treatment that restores horse health and is best-known for resolving and preventing anhidrosis (non-sweaters) and exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH), has recently been shown to effectively reduce the attraction flies have to horses.

“In the same way that sweat, manure and urine attract flies, so too do improperly balanced fluids,” said Barbara Socha of Signal-Health, which is the North American distributer of Equiwinner. “Because improperly balanced fluids in skin moisture or bodily secretions actually attract flies, particularly fluid exuding from the eyes, when the electrolytes are balanced and working properly, it can deter flying insects.”

Electrolytes conduct electricity and manage all bodily fluids, among other things. This conductivity of fluids in and around cells in the skin can affect whether or not flies are attracted to the skin of a horse. Specifically, optimum electrolyte balance, which can only be achieved when electrolytes are working properly, has an evolved signal that repels flying insects so they leave Equiwinner-treated horses alone.

Deanna Searles, an AQHA trainer who has used Equiwinner for more than four years for horses that have trouble sweating in the summer heat of Scottsdale, Arizona, has noticed over time that her horses treated with Equiwinner patches have significantly less flies and bugs bothering them than their herd mates.

“Recently we tried Equiwinner on a horse that had tons of flies – just swarms of flies on his neck on both sides,” said Searles. “After using the Equiwinner patches for ten days, the flies don’t seem to bother him anymore.”

WPRA World Champion Barrel Racing Mary Burger found similar results. An Equiwinner user for more than five years to prevent bleeding and tying up in her barrel horses, she tried the patches recently on one of her young horses, a three-year-old who was particularly bothered by flies.

“He was one of those kinds of horses that waited at the gate to be rescued to get away from the flies,” explained Burger of the light Buckskin. “Since putting the Equiwinner patches on him, there are very few flies on him and he’s very comfortable. His coat color is beautiful and not faded. All of the benefits that come from using the Equiwinner patches are just awesome.”

“Just like some people seem to be magnets for mosquitos, most horse people have noticed over time that some individuals just seem to attract flies and other insects more than most others,” said Socha. “For those horses, Equiwinner can be an easy, safe and effective way to offer them a respite from flies and their painful bites without the use of harsh chemicals often found in commercial fly sprays.”

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Equiwinner is a patented all-natural patch that balances the electrolytes in a horse’s body. By restoring the balance and proper utilization of electrolytes in a horse’s system, Equiwinner patches have proven to successfully reduce and/or fully resolve bleeding (EIPH), non-sweating (anhidrosis), tying up, headshaking and other chronic equine ailments. To learn more, visit

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