Hauling Precious Cargo? What Every Rider Needs to Know Before They Go

Whether it’s down the road or hundreds of miles, when it comes to trailering horses, a lot can go wrong from point A to B. Julie Goodnight shares what every rider needs to know before they load up in the latest episode of Ride On with Julie Goodnight. (JulieGoodnight.com/Podcast)

“Loading horses into trailers and hauling them down the road—no matter how far you are going—is a huge undertaking, and it can be scary, especially to the uninitiated,” says Goodnight. “A lot of pieces have to fall into place to have a stress-free trip, but the more prepared you are, the smoother it will go!”

Goodnight discusses trailer selection and maintenance, loading a horse and getting him used to the trailer, “pre-flight” checklists, and more to make sure your precious cargo is comfortable and safe on the road.

“With nearly half a century of experience hauling horses, I’ve learned a few tricks-of-the-trade,” says Goodnight.

The episode concludes with the popular What the Hay? Q&A segment. This time, Goodnight answers listener-submitted questions about a trail horse who only wants to be in the lead, a novice rider on a hot-blooded horse, and a typically respectful horse who rears when he’s nervous.

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About Julie Goodnight
Goodnight is the popular host and producer of Horse Master, a successful how-to TV series on handling, riding, and training horses since 2008. Goodnight travels extensively sharing her no-nonsense horsemanship with riders of all disciplines. Goodnight is experienced with many kinds of riding—she grew up on the hunter-jumper circuits in Florida and is now at home in the West. She and her husband, Rich Moorhead, live in the mountains near Salida, Colorado, where they enjoy riding the trails and training cow-horses.

Explore Goodnight’s training library of articles, videos and more at JulieGoodnight.com/Academy.

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