Cowgirl Hall of Famer Barbra Schulte Shares Her Business Success Tips on How to Market Your Horse Business Podcast

Renowned horsewoman, cutting horse trainer and personal performance coach Barbra Schulte recently gave an inside look at how she built a successful business that has stood the test of time on the How to Market Your Horse Business Podcast with Denise Alvarez.

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Horses were the reason Barbra started her business years ago. Even so, she became a student of marketing in order to build a business that would stand the test of time. And it has.

Barbra’s first championship in the National Cutting Horse Association was in 1988. Here we are in 2022, and she still has a successful business with her clinics, retreats, online workshops, speaking engagements, and more.

In addition to her powerful mindset coaching just for horse business owners, you’ll hear Barbra share the nuts and bolts of what she’s learned about creating products and marketing them well.

“My goal in this episode was for you to feel like you’re sitting at a table having coffee with Barbra,” said host Denise Alvarez. “I think this honest and candid conversation with her will feel just like that for you. Get your notepad ready because you’re going to be inspired to get out there and market your business well as you listen!”

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