USHJA Partners with We Ride Together as Sport Community Supporter

The U.S. Hunter Jumper Association has partnered with We Ride Together, Inc., a nonprofit organization created early in 2021 to shine a light on the endemic issue of sexual abuse in youth sports, starting with equestrian sport and then broadening to every sport. Its mission is to make the youth and amateur sports environment safer for all athletes.

“There’s a common thread when it comes to abuse,” said Mary Knowlton, USHJA president. “Sadly, it affects each of us through family, friends and colleagues. Our partnership with We Ride Together allows us to show support while also helping to raise awareness.

The USHJA will support the mission of We Ride Together by promoting important messaging and sharing educational information through USHJA platforms and channels to inform members and reach more people.

“We Ride Together is excited to welcome USHJA as one of our Sport Community Supporters, said Carrie Kehring, founder. “USHJA is yet another amazing organization that has joined us in recognizing the need to bring an open and transparent dialogue around the pervasiveness of sexual misconduct in sport. Together, we are all committed to strengthening the health of equestrian sport for all the children growing up in the barn.”

For more information about We Ride Together, visit For more information about USHJA and to join, visit

About We Ride Together, Inc.
#WeRideTogether is a movement to eliminate sexual misconduct in sport. We believe sport should be the safest and healthiest place for children to grow and flourish and that every individual has the right to compete without fear of sexual abuse. We are committed to creating the radical change needed to fulfill that vision by addressing education and awareness, by creating a safe place for survivors to find resources and share their voices; and by eliminating the stigma around these necessary conversations.

About the U.S. Hunter Jumper Association
The United States Hunter Jumper Association, as the official Hunter/Jumper affiliate of the United States Equestrian Federation, is a competition-based sport organization that serves our members through educational programs, awards and recognition, communication, and rules. We provide a wide array of programs for all Hunter/Jumper levels, and we are mindful of the well-being of our equine partners. Additionally, we are committed to preserving the history of our sport, and through our Foundation, we support charitable and benevolent services. Learn more at

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