Late Donation = Bye, Bye Mustache For Dr. Pete Sheerin

Dr. Pete Sheerin, internationally renowned theriogenologist at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, recently began a “fun”draiser to benefit HHYF. He offered to shave his head if $2000 was raised by his colleagues in support of HHYF’s mission of educating young people and their families about harness horses. “Standardbreds have always been a big part of my profession and this gave me an opportunity to give back and get a haircut,” he chuckled.

Partway through the event, Dr. Sheerin upped the ante significantly by pledging to also shave his 40-year-old mustache if $5000 could be raised.

Honoring his word, Dr. Sheerin was “sheared” live on Facebook – his locks and facial hair – thanks to a very late donation pushing the total to more than $5000. A win by a “whisker”!

Many thanks to Dr. Sheerin, his family and friends, Rood & Riddle, and all those who supported this endeavor.

To view Dr. Sheerin’s “shearin”, click this link

The Harness Horse Youth Foundation is a charitable 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing young people and their families educational opportunities with harness horses in order to foster the next generation of participants and fans. The Foundation has been making a difference in young people’s lives since 1976; its programs include interactive learning experiences with racehorses as well as offering scholarships and creating and distributing educational materials related to harness racing.

Photo available on request.

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