Launches New Barrel Racing Training Series with Ivy Saebens continues to bring the best competitors and coaches in the world together by adding National Finals Rodeo qualifier and million-dollar barrel racer Ivy Saebens to their list of world-class coaches.

With multiple trips to the Wrangler NFR and over a million dollars in career earnings, Saebens has proven to be a force on the rodeo circuit. In addition to winning the NFR average title in 2019, she was also WPRA Reserve World Champion the same year. Together with the great mare KN Fabs Gift Of Fame, Saebens and “J-Lo” are a dream team.

While Saebens is known for her fast, winning runs, it’s her horsemanship that has kept her partnership with J-Lo going strong, especially after the horse experienced a life-threatening health scare.

“I don’t even know if you call it an accident as much as someone just made a huge mistake trying to take care of her,” said Saebens. “The chances of her coming back were slim to none and the only reason she did is because she’s got the biggest heart of any horse I’ve ever seen.”

In her series on, Saebens combines her expertise and horsemanship skills to give members tips and insights they can use in their own training. She covers a wide range of topics from rodeo mentality to bits, saddle fit, drills and much more.

“The series of videos we shot with Ivy Saebens will give people a unique look behind the scenes at Ivy’s day to day commitment to horsemanship and what that looks like,” said Bonnie Wheatley, content director for Barrel Racing Magazine and “Ivy works hard to establish a winning bond with her barrel horses and I think her advice will help others gain the necessary skills they need to do the same. It was a real treat to spend the day watching her work and I think people will benefit greatly from Ivy’s willingness to share her knowledge.”

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