Equestrian Author Spotlight Hosted by Carly Kade Reaches 100+ Episodes

Podcast explores the joy of writing, publishing, and marketing horse books

Carly Kade, the author behind the In the Reins series, celebrates having hosted over 100 episodes of the Equestrian Author Spotlight. Delving deep into the careers of equine authors through the prism of their own perspective, this fast-growing podcast explores the peaks and valleys of writing, publishing, and marketing horse books with equestrians who have experienced it all.

“This is the resource I wish I’d had when I first began writing my horse books. Each episode explores the impact horses have on my guests’ lives, and highlights what it’s like on the business side of being an author,” said host Carly Kade. “I am proud to be producing a podcast that celebrates creatives who write about horses and helps aspiring authors in their quest to write their own horse books.”

The podcast features interviews with equine authors, editors, publishers, and other industry professionals covering a range of topics, including equestrianism, writing craft, entrepreneurship, business strategy, innovation, creativity, publishing, tools of the trade, marketing, and more.

“Carly lifts the veil on what it’s like to be an author and entrepreneur in the horse industry,” said Horse Rookie in their Equestrian Podcast Showcase segment. “She has a knack for turning strangers into instant friends. Her podcast is an extension of her wisdom as a decorated equestrian author and a genuinely kind human being.”

Two years and over 100 episodes later, The Equestrian Author Spotlight podcast releases episodes twice monthly and continues to increase its popularity, with subscribers and dedicated listeners from the US, Canada, Australia, The UK and other countries around the world. The show is available to listen to on demand 24/7 on YouTube and various major podcast platforms across the web, including Apple, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, and Google Podcasts.

“Carly Kade asks good questions of interesting guests. There is always so much helpful information. And I love listening in on the horse lovers’ conversations,” said B. E. Fox in her 5-star Apple Podcasts review. “This is my go to podcast when I want to ease my mind and get a better perspective.

For a list of all episodes, please visit the main webpage for the Equestrian Author Spotlight podcast at https://www.carlykadecreative.com/podcast.html

Carly Kade is an award-winning author, horse owner, creativity coach, and the host of the Equestrian Author Spotlight Podcast. She helps fellow writers start, grow, and expand their author careers. Creative writing makes her spurs jingle!

Carly writes her novels with horse lovers in mind, no matter which discipline they ride. The horses are as vital to moving the story forward as the human characters are. These books are the perfect escape for equestrians who love settling down with a good book at the beach, in the tub, or in bed after a day of horseback riding.

The In the Reins equestrian romance series is available now in audiobook, paperback and ebook.

To purchase the books, please visit: https://www.carlykadecreative.com/