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Over $3,500 in Much Needed Supplies Donated to Date

A new partnership between Corro (,, and The Compton Cowboys allows horse lovers to support the Cowboys and their vision from anywhere in the world.

The Compton Cowboys are known for a mission to support inner-city youth and their community through horseback riding and combat negative stereotypes about African Americans in the Los Angeles-area city of Compton. Their efforts shine a light on the power of healing through horsemanship and promote the possibilities of a fulfilling equine and farming lifestyle. During the COVID-19 pandemic, how people approach supporting their favorite charities has changed, and Corro is working to be a positive part of that change.

Meet The Cowboys

The Compton Cowboys is a collective of lifelong friends in Compton, CA. They are on a mission to uplift their community through horses while highlighting the rich legacy of African Americans in equine and western heritage. They operate under the adage, “The streets raised us. Horses saved us,” and work to deliver that message to anyone who, as they did, needs to hear it the most.

 United By Horses

The Compton Cowboys’ dedication to bringing horses to the masses, even in the most unlikely of places, is one that immediately charmed the team at Corro ( Created by horse people for horse people, Corro is a one-stop digital shopping destination committed to providing horse people with top horse care products for the best price and first-class customer service. From stable to saddle, Corro is revolutionizing how horse people shop and find the best product options for them and their horses.

“The work, the Compton Cowboys, is doing is so important. It’s no surprise to our team that horses are changing lives,” said Lindsay Douglass of Corro. “One of our missions in forming Corro was to celebrate the beauty of the bond with horses, and The Compton Cowboys are showing us exactly how that is done.”

 Dedicated To Giving Back

Through a partnership with Noelle Floyd to help promote The Compton Cowboys’ work and founding members, Corro donated custom leather halters and nameplates to the other key members of The Compton Cowboys, the horses. But, Corro doesn’t want to stop there and has launched a give-back program to allow all Corro customers to get involved. Over $3,500 in much-needed supplies have already been donated to date.

Corro invites you to join them in helping to further The Compton Cowboys’ mission…

 How You Can Pony Up for The Compton Cowboys

Corro created a custom shopping destination at, where everyone can play a role in the care of The Compton Cowboys horses. Featuring essential horse care products, treats, gift cards, and more, you can purchase items that will be sent directly to The Compton Cowboys to support their horses and farm operations.

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