The Freelance Remuda Launches Episode 47 and Pitching Blog Post to Equip Equine Media Freelancers

Built on the desire to provide equine media professionals with the resources needed to elevate their craft, The Freelance Remuda podcast hosts Abigail Boatwright and Kate Bradley Byars launched Episode 47: Considering Content Creation, published a blog post on pitching to magazines and also a video blog from the 2023 American Horse Publications Conference on self-marketing. It’s an abundance of expert information in one place!

The Freelance Remuda Podcast is produced for freelance professionals who are navigating the equine media frontier. Episode 47 is another in the long list of the award-winning equine media-focused podcast’s new format of segmented episodes that bring listeners as much information, and entertainment, as possible in each segment. Joined by content expert Ashton Kirkeide of Black Horse Marketing Services and multi-talented influencer, rancher, author and television personality Mackenzie Kimbro, the episode is chock-full of gems for those in all areas of equine or Western media.

Kirkheide’s segment includes multiple examples of how to create content that is directly benefitting a business. She touches on pricing and the other ways she has grown in her business.

“One thing I did not value enough when I started out was admin time, client communication time and setting up projects, which I now include in package pricing,” Kirkheide advised. “Another area I work in is social media and it ebbs and flows. I look at SEO and I research keywords, and do’s and don’ts posts resonate well.”

Kimbro discusses how she’s crafted a non-traditional path to earning income through social media, authoring a cookbook and working on a television series that is produced during the National Finals Rodeo.

“As far as content creation goes, it is ever-changing and you have to stay on top of the trends, then figure out how to navigate that,” said Kimbro. “Some days, I am a full-on rancher, some days I am creating content all day, another day I do meetings and interviews. Content creation is something I devote several days to each week so that I can keep a connection to my community. It is a priority for me to do that several days a week.”

While the episodes are available on, through Apple Podcasts and Spotify, the Freelance Remuda blog at continues to spotlight a variety of creators. Posted in August, a video blog from the 2023 “Self-Marketing for Freelancers” panel that Boatwright and Byars co-moderated is available for viewing. Additionally, Byars revamped her original blog on “Surviving Pitch Season” for today’s media environment, and it includes tips, tricks and ideas to help freelancers pitch to magazine editors across the equine media board.

In September the podcast takes a break, but the blog content continues with two guest bloggers scheduled. First, freelancer Jennifer Denison advises her fellow creatives on ways to learn outside their comfort zone, and later in the month, graphic designer Jody Johnson will share her insight on logo creation and brand identity. Be sure to visit the “Archive” at to view the array of episodes, blogs and information for freelancers in the equine media industry.

“I’m so pleased with the insights and wisdom our podcast guests and guest bloggers share with the Freelance Remuda community, said Freelance Remuda co-founder Abigail Boatwright. “I always come away with tips for myself to become a better freelancer while we’re preparing this content, and I hope our audience does too.”

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