Vita Flex Pro Releases New Daily Gastric Care

The makers of Vita Flex® Pro announced the release of their new, highly anticipated Daily Gastric Care.  The Daily Gastric Care is an ideal complement to Vita Flex’s trusted product lineup, which includes Lactanase®, Recovery, Master’s Hoof Blend™, Accel® Lifetime and the Equinyl™ Joint line, among others.

Vita Flex® products were first introduced in 1990 to provide innovative equine products formulated specifically for the extreme requirements of high-caliber equine athletes. Over the last 33 years, Vita Flex has become a leading supplier of advanced performance products designed to satisfy the demands of horses competing at the highest levels.

The newest addition to the Vita Flex® Pro line, Daily Gastric Care helps maintain healthy gastric health function in stressful situations.

Horses, especially competitive horses, can develop digestive issues for many reasons, with stress being a significant contributing factor. The stress of intense training, trailering/travel, new environments and competitions can cause an uncomfortable stomach and irregular digestion; Vita Flex® Pro Daily Gastric Care can help support gastric health and a normal pH.

Additionally, horses in their natural habitat would graze over 12 hours a day, and as a result, their digestive tracts were designed to rely on slow, steady consumption. However, most domesticated horses today are stabled in stalls with limited turnout and a daily feeding schedule that may include feeding only 2 to 3 times per day. Daily Gastric Care is a palatable supplement designed to help manage digestive stress. In addition, Daily Gastric Care is easy to feed as a top dressing to the horses’ feed. When fed as directed, Vita Flex® Pro Daily Gastric Care helps support gut health and maintain balanced pH levels.

Trainers, owners, and top competitors rely on Vita Flex® products for the results they deliver. The Vit Flex® brand uses the most up-to-date, science-supported ingredients. Every Vita Flex® product is backed by extensive research and testing and formulated to help you achieve the ultimate in performance.

The Vita Flex Victory Team is made up of a cross section of some of the most successful competitors in a variety of disciplines and includes Dressage Olympic Medalists, Adrienne Lyle and Lisa Wilcox; Show Jumping Pan Am Medalist, Todd Minikus; Reining and Cutting legend, Al Dunning; Hunter Jumper USHJA Champion, Patty Stovel; WPRA Rookie of the Year Barrel Racer, Jackie Ganter and Polo Champion, Timmy Dutta. These riders are all avid and devoted users of Vita Flex® products. One of the key areas of concern expressed by these top competitors is gut health.

Now top competitors, like our Vita Flex® Victory Team riders and all horse owners can look forward to the benefits of Vita Flex® Pro Daily Gastric Care to help support their horse’s gut health and digestion. For more information visit

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