New Book Release – Posey’s Problem, A Pony Tale

Bound to Happen Publishing is excited to announce the newest book in their Pony Tales collection, picture books for the littlest horse lovers, that will also melt the hearts of the parents who read them to their children.

Posey’s Problem, a Pony Tale, the second picture book from author, Kathy Simmers, and illustrator, Marjorie van Heerden will be available November 2023. Their first collaboration, Jump the Moon, is an award-winning book carried by over 150 tack shops and gift stores around the country.

Posey is a champion show pony who has a wonderful life. She loves her kids and she loves her job, but she has a BIG problem – her kids that she loves keep growing up and outgrowing her.  Just when she thinks her predictable heartbreaks will never end, she discovers a universal lesson about the enduring power of love that is important for all of us to remember.  Beautiful illustrations bring to life this tribute to all the wonderful ponies who do everything with their whole heart.

Written for children ages 4 -10, Posey’s Problem, a Pony Tale will delight horse lovers of any age.

“This is one of the very best children’s books I’ve seen in many, many years. I think it could become a classic.” – Cynthia Frank, Cypress House Press

Author, Kathy Simmers, remembers being that horse crazy 5 year-old that loved anything with a horse. Although she was never lucky enough to have a pony, she has had horses most of her adult life. Her stories are about the magical bond between kids and ponies, inspired by ponies she has encountered along the way.

Advance copies of Posey’s Problem, a Pony Tale are now available for review. To request either a PDF or hard copy contact Kathy Simmers is available for interviews and podcasts. She can be reached at

Contact: Kathy Simmers
Phone: 919-612-0009

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