Equestrian Journalist L.A. Sokolowski Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Elite Equestrian fashion editor and award-winning journalist L.A. Sokolowski is among seven Life-Time Achievement Honorees being recognized Saturday night, October 7, at the 10 Year Anniversary Gala of the Chapters Rap/Chapters Network Community Support Services at O’Connell Gardens in Oceanside, New York.

The guest host and Triple Crown season co-host on the Long Island-based talk show with Chapters Rap Network founder, Steve Vaccaro, says, “Working with Steve has introduced me to a new diverse audience outside the (horse) box. The Chapters Community mission to educate, empower and advocate has never felt more like the right place at the right time to talk about what horses can bring into our lives.”

L.A. joins former Joan Jett & Blackhearts guitarist Ricky Byrd; two-time world heavyweight boxing contender Gerry Cooney; Latin bandleader Tito Puente, Jr.; cardiologist Dr. Pilar Stevens Cohen; Ms. Senior New York Pageant state administrator Marleen Schuss, and senior vice president of UC TFC at Cayuga Centers, Jessica Oliveira Haddad as this year’s Chapters Community Life-Time Achievement Honorees.

She has also recently accepted an invitation from the International Society for Equitation Science to join its ISES 2024 A Good Life For Horses scientific abstracts review team.