Achieving the Perfect Horse & Rider Partnership

Modern, effective learning techniques available to horse-owners 

In a just-released online course “The horse owner’s playbook for a sound and happy horse”, well-known trainer, rider and author, Jec Ballou shares strategies, and tips with very simple, immediately applicable tools and tactics to achieve every horse-owners dream: the perfect horse & rider partnership.

If you are a horse owner: Are you managing to balance your horse life with your other life commitments? Are you keeping your horse healthy so that you can keep vet bills to a minimum? Have you achieved a strong connection with your horse? These are just some of the essential issues covered in the course aimed at keeping horse owners on the path to a more fulfilling relationship with their horse life – and setting horse people up to reach whatever goals they set for themselves.

The course is produced by the experts at Equitopia, the global leaders in creating evidence-based and easy-to-use resources for horse owners. Signing up for Jec’s exclusive course includes an offer of life-time access to this unique resource containing 5 easy-to-digest modules and downloadable resources that you can refer back to long after you have finished the course.

Access today (with a whopping 25% introductory discount for our readers) at

If you dream of having that perfect horse & rider partnership, you may already realize that this doesn’t just happen. We all need to make an investment in ourselves and our learning goals. This course offers you everything you need, including the confidence to become the equestrian you have always wished to be.

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