AHC Presents Quarterly Webinar: Is My Barn a CAFO? What is a CAFO? 

If you’re reading the headline and wondering, “What is a CAFO?” right now, you’re not alone! A CAFO is a concentrated animal feeding operation, and it is a hot topic as federal efforts focus on expanding regulatory efforts surrounding environmental sustainability and climate impacts related to agriculture.

The American Horse Council quarterly webinar series is hosting “Is My Barn a CAFO? What is a CAFO?” November 13th  at 1 pm EST. This free webinar will be an opportunity to learn all about Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and how they apply to the horse industry.

CAFO permitting is an environmental regulatory process with federal and state level oversight with potential for impact on equine facilities of all sizes across the country. CAFO permitting processes can be confusing to navigate, do CAFO rules apply to your operation? How do you find out? How might these rules impact your facility design and operation? What are potential financial implications associated with compliance? Attend the webinar and find out!

 “This webinar is an important step to understanding how to navigate the often-complicated landscape of federal and state regulatory efforts and will give landowners knowledge to better protect both themselves and their operations while promoting the health of their property and their horses in the long run,” says Emily Stearns, AHC Health, Welfare, and Regulatory Affairs Liaison.

To register for the webinar, send an email to info@horsecouncil.org by November 11th, with the subject line “Horse CAFO Webinar.”

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