Altano Group Announces Strategic Acquisition of McKee Pownall Equine Services

Altano Group, a leading equine veterinary group with a global vision, proudly announces the acquisition of McKee Pownall Equine Services, a renowned practice at the forefront of innovation in equine veterinary medicine in the Greater Toronto area. This strategic partnership marks a significant step in Altano’s commitment to shaping the future of equine healthcare worldwide.

Altano Group, named after the successful racehorse, Altano, draws inspiration from the horse’s remarkable journey. Gifted to a veterinarian due to medical issues, Altano’s triumphs in international races symbolize the power of medicine and belief in every animal’s potential. Altano’s name reflects the group’s dedication to sound medical expertise and the conviction that all animals deserve exceptional care.

McKee Pownall Equine Services (MPES) operates as a general equine veterinary practice, primarily ambulatory with ship-in cases. With 16 veterinarians spread across three locations in the Greater Toronto area, MPES is notably recognized for their expertise in performance horse lameness and medicine, but they also specialize in dentistry, reproduction, general wellness, and emergency coverage; Offering standing MRI services and collaborating with board-certified specialists in ophthalmology, internal medicine and dentistry, MPES stands as a leader in the region.

McKee Pownall Equine Services stands out for Altano due to its innovative approach to equine veterinary medicine.  With cutting-edge equipment, in-house specialists, and a creative culture fostering team growth, McKee Pownall aligns seamlessly with Altano’s vision. Their proficiency in social media marketing–including the EquiConnect Podcast–exemplifies a commitment to client education.

Through the partnership, McKee Pownall gains access to Altano’s global collaboration network. Altano’s expertise and international knowledge-sharing platforms, including AltanoNet exchange groups and Altano Academy case discussions, will further support McKee Pownall’s excellence in equine veterinary care and will create opportunities for new services.

Altano aims for a relationship of idea exchange, leveraging McKee Pownall’s management expertise in the Altano Business Mastery Program and other educational events. The partnership focuses on advancing equine veterinary practices and fostering a strong culture. Dr. Mike Pownall, Owner-Veterinarian, is excited for the prospect of new talent joining them noting, “Being part of Altano will be a competitive advantage in attracting new veterinarians and support staff to our practices.”

The mission of Altano and McKee Pownall is united by their shared values of providing exceptional veterinary care, leading the way in equine medicine, sustainability, being the preferred employer of choice, and guaranteeing a remarkable client experience. McKee Pownall’s leadership position in North America adds value to Altano’s growing veterinary medicine platform. Dr. Victor Baltus, CEO of Altano Group, says, “As leaders, the Altano and McKee Pownall partnership is a great example of like-minded people coming together to create a better future for equine veterinary medicine.” As Altano continues its expansion, the partnership with McKee Pownall represents a beacon for leading veterinary practices worldwide to join Altano’s transformative journey in equine healthcare.

This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to advancing equine veterinary care, fostering knowledge exchange, and creating a positive impact on the global equine healthcare landscape. Altano and McKee Pownall Equine Services are poised to embark on a journey of mutual growth, innovation, and excellence in equine medicine.

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