Are You Establishing Expertise & Trust?

By: Ashton Kirkeide, Founder, Black Horse Marketing

Did you know content marketing costs 62% less than other marketing channels?

We’ve already discussed one of the top benefits of content marketing, SEO. Now we will dive into the second benefit—Trust.

Business owners everywhere need to establish trust with their customers. Whether you are a tack store, a trainer, or a horse publication, your prospects will not buy from you or use your services if they don’t trust you.

But, how do you establish trust with people you’ve never met in person in an online world?

Benefit #2 – Establish Expertise and Trust

 Google tells us what it wants to see from websites in one nice acronym: EAT or Expertise, Authority, Trust. Content marketing works to establish these elements on your website.

Most people are familiar with Birchbox, an online beauty retailer, and if you search makeup or beauty tips online, Birchbox is likely to show up on page one of the SERP (search engine results page).

We know Shopify isn’t a teaching platform, so why would they write articles teaching people about makeup and skin care? Birchbox’s goal is to help people understand makeup and skin care in an easy, beginner friendly way.

So instead of relying entirely on a sales page, Birchbox provides helpful, data-driven blog posts that solve the pain points of their target customer.

These blog posts (and videos!) can earn trusted brand mentions from authoritative websites (remember backlinks!). This enhances EAT, which strengthens your SEO.

So, envision yourself researching skin care tips and looking for something to help clear acne/reduce wrinkles/etc. After gaining invaluable knowledge from Birchbox, you will likely click through to one of the recommended products because of its established expertise and authority.

Authority isn’t just about ranking on the SERP and improving your SEO. If you are working to be an industry leader, everyone who reads the article will view your brand as a credible, high-authority source of information.

Do you have a plan to establish authority and trust for your brand online?

Stay tuned for more ways to use content marketing in your business. 

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