Are You Supporting Your Prospects?

By: Ashton Kirkeide, Chief Listener, Black Horse Marketing

You aren’t the only one struggling with sales funnels!

Over the last few years, sales funnels have become more and more complex.

Sales funnels refer to any potential customer and your ability to convert them to a buying customer.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is when you break it down.

Customers move through three stages when they think about buying from you or hiring you for a service: awareness, consideration, and decision.

It sounds like a job for email marketing! But what if you don’t have your potential customer’s email address?

Content marketing supports your audience through the sales funnel

 Content marketing and SEO have the unique ability to reach your audience with the right message for the right stage.

Knowing this, you can produce content that addresses their needs at the perfect moment.

Think about each stage of the journey and create content around it.

If you are trying to get more kids signed up for your lesson program, you could write about the benefits of horseback riding for kids, how your approach is different, and share the successes of your past students. Each topic would support the child’s parents in signing up for lessons!

Remember, a customer at the consideration stage is waiting to see why your lesson program is the best. A customer in the decision phase needs a reminder why they will feel great about signing up their child for lessons.

Stay tuned for more tips on marketing your equine business. 

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