ASPCA Celebrates a Year of Progress and Collaboration for At-Risk Equines

In 2023, the ASPCA, alongside equine adoption organizations and industry partners across the country, made exciting progress in our work to increase equine adoption, support horses with affordable veterinary care and rehoming programs, and advance legal protections for equines in need.

The ASPCA offers guidance, resources and collaboration opportunities to a network of equine organizations nationwide through its ASPCA Right Horse program. The program elevates and advances the work of equine adoption organizations and supporters nationwide while simultaneously building the demand for adoptable horses. As a result, more horses are finding adoptive homes each year, allowing the rescue community to help more at-risk horses.

In 2023, the ASPCA Right Horse program, which works to increase horse adoption across the country, generated more than 4,300 adoption inquiries through, the ASPCA’s online equine adoption platform. Throughout the year, ASPCA Right Horse Partners placed more than 3,000 horses in adoptive homes.

In support of advancing programs that support at-risk and adoptable equines, the ASPCA granted nearly $1 million to over 30 equine adoption organizations and industry partners in 2023. Grant funds were directed at programs supporting equines through increasing adoption – helping horses move more quickly to loving homes – or providing safety net services that prevent horses from falling into at-risk situations through subsidized veterinary care and other critical resources.

“Our partners throughout the country have made tremendous strides in providing vital services and support for the horses in their respective communities through increasing shelter capacity, veterinary care and resources, advancing adoption efforts through marketing, facility improvement and more,’ said Christie Schulte Kappert, senior director of ASPCA Equine Welfare. “The ASPCA is proud to offer funding and support for these innovative programs that advance equine adoption and support horse owners to keep their equines safely at home whenever possible.”

“The ASPCA grant to bring on a dedicated Adoption Coordinator has had a huge impact at Horses’ Haven,” said Kristine Dvonch, Executive Director of Horses’ Haven. “This critical addition to our staff has increased our capacity by establishing a reduced length of stay, quicker response time to potential adopters, more flexible appointment times for adopters to meet horses and a stronger follow up schedule to make sure each adopter is well supported in adding their new horse to their family.”

“West Virginia Horse Network, INC. is tremendously grateful to the ASPCA for grant dollars that allowed our organization to respond to the needs of our community and provide safety net services that help keep horses safely in their homes,” said Nicky Walters, founder of West Virginia Horse Network, INC. “We have been able to make a tremendous impact by diverting horses from coming into the rescue and keeping more spaces open for horses who needed to come under our umbrella. The investment in this vision by the ASPCA has impacted animals and people directly but it has also helped us and others work outside of the box and be more effective and efficient in the mission we all share to make life better for horses.”

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About the ASPCA®
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