Award-Winning Equine Photographer Shelley Paulson Shares Marketing Strategy on How to Market Your Horse Business Podcast

As an equestrian photographer, how do you get your business to stand out among the others? How can you connect with your right-fit customers?

Shelley Paulson recently joined Denise Alvarez on her How to Market Your Horse Business Podcast to share 4 approaches she believes are key to marketing your equestrian photography business well.

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Shelley Paulson is a name synonymous with quality, excellence, and wisdom in the world of equestrian photography.

Just ask one of the editors of Horse Illustrated, an award-winning equestrian publication where you’ll almost always find at least one of her photos included in an issue. (That’s just one example of many publications you’ll find her work!)

Or, ask an aspiring photographer who wants to photograph horses for a living and has been watching Shelley from afar.

No matter who you talk to in the industry, when Shelley’s name comes into the conversation, you can bet it’ll be followed by admiration for her work as well as for her as a person.

In this episode, you’ll hear what Shelley sees happening now in the equestrian photography industry—including why it’s so important to be paying attention to trends in the industry—as well as her best tips and strategies for how you can market your own equestrian photography business.

“I’m so honored Shelley joined me on this podcast episode all about marketing for equestrian photographers,” said host Denise Alvarez. “Who better than someone who has been in the game for more than 18 years and continues to put in the work to build the photography business of her dreams?”

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