Launches New Barrel Racing Training Series with Two-Time NFR Qualifier Carley Cervi continues to bring the best competitors and coaches in the world together, this time with a new series featuring two-time NFR qualifier Carley Cervi.

While she may be known for her NFR qualifications, Cervi is also a skilled horsewoman. From her home base in Roggen, Colorado, she has produced several noteworthy horses, many of them related to her great horse Doda Flit (“Radio”). Two more recent champions of note produced by Cervi include MVP Futurity Champion Flit Six (“Six”) and Prairie Circuit Finals Champion Flit Money. One thing is for sure: Cervi knows how to train great horses.

In her series on, Cervi combines her training expertise, horsemanship skills and incredible knowledge of tack to give members tips and insights they can use in their own training. She covers a wide range of topics from the mindset of a successful rodeo athlete, bits and tack for training and competition, excellent drills for young horses and tune-ups on finished horses. She also works with her futurity hopefuls, giving members an inside look at a typical day in her program.

“Carley Cervi welcomed us to the beautiful Cervi Ranch to film and shared so many valuable horsemanship secrets, advice on rodeo’s mental game, plus unique drills and training routines that I think will benefit barrel racers who are truly seeking to improve their craft,” said Bonnie Wheatley, content director for Barrel Racing Magazine and “Her track record of winning on a lot of different horses is impressive and we look forward to sharing Carley’s insights.”

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