Be A Star for America’s Horses! Take the #HorseProtector Pledge!

“It’s hard to imagine why anyone would be in favor of sending horses across our borders for slaughter,” said Lynn Coakley, EQUUS Foundation President. “yet, tens of thousands of horses are victims of abuse and neglect each year and there are just under 20,000 horses still being shipped across our borders for slaughter.”

NO HORSE should be subjected to this inhumane fate. There are solutions within our reach for America’s horses that need a lifeline. Programs providing equine-assisted therapeutic services offer limitless career opportunities, in addition to grass roots recreational and competitive roles, for horses in transition.

Now Is The Time!

 “Horses are living, breathing, feeling partners – not commodities – and their welfare must come first,” said Valerie Angeli, EQUUS Foundation Vice President. “We are asking all horse lovers to take the pledge here to show solidarity in support of America’s horses – that America’s horses enhance our lives and need our protection!”


 I understand that horses, donkeys and mules (collectively referred to as horses) are strong and powerful creatures but they are also vulnerable and dependent on human beings for their care and welfare.

  • I believe that all horses should be treated with dignity and never put in a position where they may suffer abuse or neglect.
  • I believe that no horse should ever be sold, transferred, released, or otherwise placed into possession of any person or organization that would cause or allow the horse to be sold at auction for slaughter.
  • I believe that all horses should experience a humane and painless end of life after all reasonable treatment options have been explored.
  • I will be a friend and voice for horses that need me and advocate for equine welfare in whatever way I am able.

Pledge takers will have the opportunity to win a luxury limited edition of CWD’s Classic Hunter Mademoiselle Saddle, valued at $8,550!  Each individual who takes the pledge will have their own customized fundraising page to encourage donations from among their family, friends and associates if they wish to help us raise funds. Pledge takers who raise a minimum of $1,000 between now and August 31 will be entered into a drawing to win the CWD Saddle.

We need more success stories like Teddy!

 Teddy, a 14-year-old Standardbred, was tagged for meat and destined for slaughter when Cheryl Olsten learned of his plight. Without hesitation, Olsten, the owner of Lafitte De Muze, the EQUUS Foundation’s first Equine Ambassador, posted his bail, and there began Teddy’s recovery. Read more about Teddy’s “Rescue to Recovery” Story here.

“We believe that the best way to help these horses is to provide viable alternatives to owners when they cannot, or no longer wish to, care for their horses,” continued Coakley. “To this end, we will be focusing specifically on identifying and supporting local and regional safety net programs, such as hay banks, emergency funds, veterinarian help, gelding clinics, owner-to-owner equine placement services, and end-of-life care, as well as increasing ways to connect horses in transition with individuals and organizations seeking horses.”

With your help, we hope to build consensus within the equine industry to embrace solutions for equines in transition other than shipping them across our borders for slaughter. We are asking all horse lovers to speak up and take the pledge!

You can help keep America’s horses safe by taking the #HorseProtector Pledge here.

ABOUT EQUUS FOUNDATION: The EQUUS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity established in 2002, is the only national animal welfare charity in the United States 100% dedicated to protecting America’s horses from peril and strengthening the bond between people and horses. The EQUUS Foundation was born from love of the equestrian sport and the critical need to provide care to horses after their sport careers are over. We awarded our first grants in 2003 to seven equine charities based in Connecticut and the metropolitan New York area. Now in our 20th year, we support hundreds of equine charities nationwide and expanded our scope in 2022 as not only a grant maker but also an accrediting body with the establishment of the EQUUS Foundation Mentor Accreditation program. EQUUS Foundation Mentors are equine charities operating at the highest standards for equine welfare and business practices. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Contact the EQUUS Foundation, Inc., at 168 Long Lots Road, Westport, CT 06880, Tele: (203) 259-1550, E-Mail:, Website:

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