Bimeda® Announces Sponsorship of Hagyard Equine Medical Institute’s New Podcast The Spirit of Hagyard

Bimeda® Inc. is thrilled to announce their new partnership with The Spirit of Hagyard podcast.

Created in 2022, the podcast was developed by Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, a renowned equine veterinary practice in the heart of Kentucky, aiming to highlight the rewarding careers in the equine veterinary profession.

Listening to The Spirit of Hagyard will pull back the curtain on the rich history behind the Hagyard legacy and the unique stories that bring the podcast to life. You can expect conversations, storytelling, and unique candor in each episode.  Podcast listeners will be drawn into the connection with the Hagyard family, central Kentucky, and equine veterinary medicine. Each unique episode uncovers genuine personalities, funny stories, a few failures, challenges, and successes – all meant to educate, engage, and encourage listeners to connect and learn more.

Dr. Luke Fallon, 5th generation member of the Hagyard family commented, “Hagyard is proud to have Bimeda as the title sponsor for The Spirit of Hagyard podcast in its inaugural year. The brainchild of our own Dr. Rhonda Rathgeber, the podcast allows a look into the wonderful career of equine medicine through the lens of our dedicated equine professionals. Hagyard and Bimeda share a complimentary vision to support the future health and wellbeing of the horse. Together we are doing our part to recruit and retain the next generation of equine veterinarians.”

“They say it’s the journey, not just the destination, that makes a life. Bimeda is proud to help share these stories, which really showcase the rewarding career an equine practitioner can have. We are sure The Spirit of Hagyard podcast will inspire young people to consider entering the profession, through learning about the many rewarding careers available for those who are interested in helping these amazing animals”, says Bimeda’s Equine Business Unit Manager, Clark Weaver.

With new episodes released, currently once a month, this look into the special life of equine veterinarians is for all audiences interested to learn how to get more involved.   It is important to encourage the next generation to become equine veterinary practitioners and to help them understand how valuable and rewarding being an equine veterinarian truly is.  Bimeda is thrilled to be able to support and help bring The Spirit of Hagyard to life.

The podcast is available here.

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