Breakthrough Formulas from Bluebonnet Feeds Set New Standards for Equine Nutrition and Health  

Bluebonnet Feeds has made an exciting update to help horse owners tackle common health issues and promote total-body wellness with ease. All Intensify feed formulas are now enhanced with LIFELINE+® Equine, only available from Bluebonnet Feeds and Stride Animal Health.

Intensify feeds are renowned for bringing the latest advancements in nutrition and functional benefits to a horse’s normal diet.

Now, with the addition of LIFELINE+® Equine, owners can provide daily support for improved brain, digestive, reproductive, lung, joint, and immune health. This breakthrough ingredient harnesses the science-backed benefits of plasma, supported by horse-specific research and over 600 studies across multiple species.

“These studies have shown significant results when feeding plasma to horses,” says Head of Nutrition, Dr. Jyme Nichols, PhD. “It works on a cellular level to support the natural healing process, making this ingredient truly unique. That’s why the list of benefits is so long, because it helps your horse where they need it most.”

Expanding on the research behind LIFELINE+® Equine, Dr. Nichols says that “sometimes it’s hard to find enough unbiased research on new ingredients, but with hundreds of reputable research articles, that’s not the case here. Studies have seen positive impacts for horses experiencing things like joint pain, ulcers, and even fertility issues. The potential impacts to a horse’s life when plasma is incorporated into their daily diet, are really exciting.”

The European-sourced plasma was hand selected by Bluebonnet’s team of experts, because of the strict regulations and safety standards that are implemented in the manufacturing process.

“We are proud to have great partners who share our values and make it possible to source the highest-quality and safest ingredients, including the plasma in LIFELINE+® Equine”, said John Langemeier, President of Bluebonnet Feeds. “The Intensify line has been a favorite of our customers for over a decade. We’re proud to continue our commitment to bringing innovative nutrition to more horses, with these updates to Intensify.”

Intensify feeds with LIFELINE+® Equine are now available through official Bluebonnet Feeds dealers and online at

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At Bluebonnet Feeds, our mission is to unlock the potential of animals, and their people, with nutrition that is advanced and effortless. Every bag is backed by science, in-house PhD equine nutritionists and a world class team.

We believe in a world knowing what goes into your animal’s feed is never an obstacle. You’ll never see our tags use common label tricks, or vague ingredient lists

Intensify is the nutrition package that works so well, it’s obvious. Formulated with a unique combination of proven ingredients, Intensify feeds provide revolutionary support for recovery, digestion, metabolic conditions, resilient foals, immunity, hoof growth, hair quality, and more.

With six solutions to choose from, there’s an Intensify feed for every lifestyle, whether your horse is a high-performance athlete or a senior in need of specialized care.

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