Celebrating the Books We Published in 2023

It is hard to believe we are here, at the turn of the last page of the calendar, once more. As we begin our 39th year publishing books for the good of the horse at Trafalgar Square Books, we face new challenges–-within both the publishing and equestrian worlds. How do we keep the standards of book quality at their highest now that AI has entered the game? How do we convince the many with interest in horse sport that, without change, the question of social license is a true threat to the industry’s future?

We believe that there are many who feel as we do, that the voices of human experts should continue to be nurtured and amplified in order to inform others for a better, more enlightened, more successful tomorrow. And that with small, steady, conscientious changes, the welfare of horses can be our priority, while our own ambitions will be fulfilled in partnership with happier, healthier equine athletes. It is with these ideals that we say goodbye to 2023 and get ready to welcome 2024…with a whole new website (COMING SOON!!!!) and an amazing list of books from wonderful authors in the works.

Enjoy this quick glance back at the TSB books of 2023, and we wish everyone a peaceful and happy New Year.

What We Published in 2023


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