Certified Horsemanship Association Honored 2022 Volunteer of the Year and School Horse of the Year

Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) members gathered to participate in the 2022 CHA International Conference in Murfreesboro, TN. During the event, attendees engaged in networking, expanded their knowledge over a variety of equine topics, and honored the highly anticipated award winners.

Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) gives many great awards out to its members each year. The CHA Volunteer of the Year is an award that recognizes the countless hours and dedication CHA volunteers spend changing lives through safe experiences with horses.  A big thank you and congratulations to the CHA 2022 Volunteer of the Year – Anne Brzezicki from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

 Anne is an unbelievably hard-working champion for CHA. She has worked not only on our 2022 conference as the host site committee chair, but on many critical educational initiatives, including the new CHA Level-Up Certification and the Amateur Initiative this year alone. With her leadership and expertise Middle Tennessee State University hosted CHA’s first Pilot Level-Up Certification which was a huge success. This will allow current CHA Instructors to attend certifications while testing up into the next level(s) of certification.

Anne has also been instrumental in supporting education and outreach on the new Armature Initiative. With her drive, passion, and industry contacts the American Horse Council posted a positive position on the Amateur Initiative, saying, “Due to the decline of youth and young adult involvement with horses over several decades, and for the urgent need to engage youth and young adults in equestrian sports, the Show & Competition Committee calls on all equestrian competition organizations to review their amateur rules, giving greater berth of opportunities for properly certified or supervised amateur exhibitors to provide fee-for-services introductory riding lessons without the threat of losing amateur status. And AHC Show & Competition Committee Chair, Dr. Billy Smith stated, “The horse community is missing that critical on-ramp for young riders. That same community can solve this problem if it works together, developing strategies that welcome young riders on a worldwide scale.” Reaching out and getting her voice heard on the national level shows Anne’s true dedication!

The CHA School Horse of the Year Award highlights the wonderful animals that spend countless hours being patient with riders new and not-so-new riders We all started out learning how to ride on a certain horse. If our family did not own horses, it was very likely that a wonderful school horse at a camp or lesson barn program taught us how to ride. So, it is only fitting that an outstanding horse be honored as the Certified Horsemanship Association School Horse of the Year. To commemorate such an outstanding honor, the winning horse receives a hand-painted oil painting from CHA member Julie Fischer from Colorado with bark from her Girl Scout camp as the frame and a wooden and leather trophy plaque from Lone Star Awards.

This year’s CHA School Horse of the Year was donated to Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council, they suspect he was a highly trained western horse. This old man will surprise you with how quick he will turn a barrel, or spin in a reining pattern. Although he is a fantastic horse for our advanced girls to learn on, he is even better at taking care of all our Girl Scouts from the littlest of girls all the way up to our Adult Volunteers. He will lead a trail ride with a newly trained adult volunteer and make sure they find their way home

He is always a winner at “tag” making sure that girls can sneak up on their friends to tag them. Whether it’s horse painting, grooming, or a girl’s first time in the saddle, He is one we can always rely on. For several years, He was even featured on TV in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Parade carrying either the American or Texas flag for our Council.

In a head-to-head vote for CHA School Horse of the Year in a pool with 38 other horses Midas won by a landslide! (63% of the VOTES!!!) Not to mention he is also TikTok famous! This old man has over 260,000 views! In his 11 years with Girl Scouts – he has served roughly 40,000 girls at Misty Meadows!

The girls of Misty Meadows Camp call this year’s winner their very own Spirit the Stallion of the Cimarron. This 28-year-old Dun AQHA gelding is the 2022 CHA School Horse of the Year Midas from Girl Scouts of San Jacinto in Houston, Texas.

For a complete list of past CHA award winners, visit https://cha.horse/international-conference/#award-winners

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