Does Your Brand Have a Personality?

By Ashton Kirkeide, Founder, Black Horse Marketing

I know you love reading boring emails, blogs, and social media posts…..

HAHA, said no one ever!

Once you’ve attracted potential customers to your page, it’s time to create excitement around your brand.

Benefit #4 – Develop a Brand Personality

 Content marketing is an incredible way to let your brand personality shine through.

Are you silly? Are you an introvert? Are you struggling with something?

Successful brands reach deep into their strengths and values to show the customer who they are, what drives them, what they do for their customers, and how they do it differently.

From upbeat and energetic to authoritative and straightforward, your brand voice lays the groundwork for your company’s story. Letting your brand personality shine through on a product or about us page can be challenging.

Using social media and blogs, you are free to express your brand and get potential customers excited about witnessing and being involved in your journey.

Stay tuned for more ways to use content marketing in your business. 

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