EnviroEquine and HorseGrooms Join Forces

Live Biosecurity Event at Wellington International and upcoming Nutrition and Equine Wellness Courses in the HorseGrooms Community

EnviroEquine and HorseGrooms have joined forces. With an upcoming event about biosecurity and Equine Wellness & Nutrition courses, EnviroEquine shares its expertise with grooms and other horse enthusiasts in the HorseGrooms Community. Soon, members of the Community will have access to these exclusive courses that will benefit grooms and horses. Make sure you join the HorseGrooms Community to not miss these opportunities to expand your knowledge. It’s free for now.

Sharing knowledge, connecting, providing resources, advancing the craft of grooming, creating an online place for grooms to connect, and keeping horsemanship alive are the goals of the online community HorseGrooms. EnviroEquine is proud to partner with this exciting initiative to benefit grooms and horses.

Shared Commitment

“EnviroEquine & PET is proud to partner with Horse Grooms, a vital platform supporting the unsung heroes of the equine industry,” says Angela Brackett, Marketing & Sales Director at EnviroEquine & PET. “As a company deeply immersed in the world of horse grooming and care, we recognize and appreciate the crucial role grooms play in the well-being and performance of racing and sport horses. Recognizing the unique needs of grooms and barn management, EnviroEquine & PET is committed to providing top-quality grooming and care products, along with supplements that truly deliver “farm-to-stable” quality, a commitment that ensures a rare level of control over every stage of production. This partnership reflects our shared commitment to the health and performance of horses, providing trainers, grooms, owners, and barn management with the confidence to use our products with assurance.”

Nutrition Courses and Biosecurity

With the upcoming Equine Wellness & Nutrition courses, EnviroEquine plays an important part in the resources offered in the online HorseGrooms Community. But information will also be shared in a live event. To cap off the currently in-progress online HorseGrooms’ Biosecurity Week, this coming Thursday, February 1 at Wellington International, Florida, several specialists will be sharing information about and discussing the topic of Biosecurity at Equine Facilities and Events – with a focus on EHV.

Dr. Johnny Mac Smith, the research chair at the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation, will be the keynote speaker for the EnviroEquine and Pet event which also features a Q&A Panel with several specialists and Laura Kraut’s top groom Margo Thomas. Come to the CWD Booth at Wellington International from 5-7 pm to learn how to protect your horse from EHV. Make sure to RSVP, and join the HorseGrooms Community to take full advantage of the exclusive HorseGrooms Biosecurity Week resources.

  • Sign up for the HorseGrooms Community here.
  • RSVP for the live event on February 1 at Wellington International here.

To learn more about the upcoming Biosecurity Event, contact Angela Brackett of EnviroEquine & PET (angela@enviroequine.com). To learn more about HorseGrooms, visit www.horsegrooms.com, go to @horse.grooms on Facebook or Instagram, join the HorseGrooms Community, or contact Dinette Neuteboom via email, WhatsApp, or text message. dinette@horsegrooms.com and +1 (561) 246 9068.