EQUiD Biometric Verification Wins at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo

An emerging equine A.I. technology completes a successful pilot program at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.

 The pilot program.

 EQUiD Biometric Verification launched a successful pilot program in partnership with the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo March 15 – 17 in Denver, CO. The new smartphone app helped streamline the event check-in process for exhibitors and clinicians, cutting down the check-in process from several trips in and out of the barn to less than 90-seconds trailer-side with one simple swipe of the phone.

The horse owners that downloaded the app ahead of time and uploaded their health paperwork before arriving at Denver’s National Western Complex, found the process upon arrival to be quick and efficient. Many who had not yet downloaded the app wanted to try out the technology and took a few minutes with EQUiD representatives to set up their horses and try it out.

“We created this technology to move the equine industry forward and help improve the functional needs of horse owners and event managers alike. It was very rewarding to see the app operating in the environment that it was created for and to hear such positive feedback from the exhibitors who embraced it.” Says founder and innovator, Dr. Rick Dumm, DVM.

 How it works.

 EQUiD Biometric Verification utilizes A.I. technology for equine facial recognition to uniquely identify horses. To use this process, horse owners complete a brief profile for their horse which will be reviewed and approved by the event manager in the days leading up to the event. The horse profiles include all necessary health paperwork and ownership documentation required for a given event and a quick video of the horse’s face. At check-in, event managers scan the horse’s face with their smartphone to verify identity and access all pre-approved records. EQUiD’s equine facial recognition technology is the least invasive solution for confirming each horse individually and their accurate health records.

In addition to a streamlined event check-in process, the app also offers features to send messages to all horse owners before, during, or after the event such as schedule updates, biosecurity notices, and more.

Try it out for yourself today!

EQUiD Biometric Verification on the App Store (apple.com)

EQUiD Biometric Verification – Apps on Google Play

 Seeking partnerships.

 As this emerging technology evolves, the team at EQUiD is seeking industry events and partnerships that would benefit from leveraging this new technology. Opportunities exist to use the turn-key EQUiD Biometric Verification solution or license the advanced API for integration in an existing application. Interested in learning more and starting a conversation to make your next event’s check-in process quick and efficient? Let’s chat!

Email Katie Clinebell at katie@dataginc.com to get connected.

 About EQUiD Biometric Verification and DATAG Inc.
DATAG is AI-driven livestock and pet health, geared to enhance the relationship between owner and animal, and amplified by accurate facial recognition. DATAG, Inc has created EQUiD Biometric Verification to support horse owners and event managers with the ability to identify and recognize your animals via video or picture. This powerful tool allows verification, localization, management and reconnection with our four-legged friends.