EQUUS Television Captures Team USA Dressage Gold Medal Victory at PAN AM GAMES 2023 in Santiago, Chile

As the USA Dressage team won the Gold Medal at the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile, the EQUUS Television Network was there to capture all the action. After their victory,  all four team members shared their story.  Click below to hear comments from Christian Simonson riding Son of a Lady, Anna Marek aboard Fire Fly, Codi Harrison on Katholt’s Bossco and 2019 Pan Am Gold Medalist Sarah Tubman riding First Apple.

You can listen to these talented riders tell what it meant to them in their own words on EQUUS Television. As the premier destination for equestrian enthusiasts worldwide, EQUUS Television is providing extensive coverage and behind-the-scenes access to the equestrian events at the PAN AM GAMES 2023 showing its commitment to promoting equestrian sports and highlighting the incredible talent of the riders and their equine partners.

EQUUS Television will be providing up-to-the-minute coverage of all of the equestrian events at www.equustelevision.net, and available SUBSCRIPTION FREE on all major SmartTV Platforms, plus the all-new EQUUS Mobile App for iPhone and Android.

Team USA made America Proud on Monday, taking the Gold: https://equustelevision.com/watch/2697

Brazil wins Silver: https://equustelevision.com/watch/2698

Canada took the Bronze:  https://equustelevision.com/watch/2700

“Our mission has always been to showcase the beauty and athleticism of these remarkable animals and their compelling stories. As one unified equine focused TV network this allows us to do just that on a grand stage. Sharing what these riders have to say about their journey to our national and international audience is fulfilling our mission of uniting the global horse world under one umbrella,” said Diana De Rosa, EQUUS Television Worldwide Correspondent.

EQUUS Television is known for its high-quality content and commitment to equestrian education and entertainment. With a worldwide audience of equestrians and horse enthusiasts, the network provides a unique platform for fans to connect with the sport and its stars.

EQUUS Television’s coverage of the PAN AM GAMES 2023 will include live broadcasts, event highlights, athlete profiles, and special features, ensuring that equestrian enthusiasts worldwide will be able to experience all the excitement of this prestigious competition.  Check this heartfelt tribute from Team USA Gold Medal Winner Sarah Tubman (Wellington, FL) on First Apple & Gerry Ibanez https://equustelevision.com/watch/2691

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