EQUUS Television Network to Provide Comprehensive Event Coverage of the Pan Am Games in Santiago, Chile, Beginning October 20, 2023

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EQUUS Television, the world’s leading Equestrian Lifestyle and Sport destination, is excited to announce its comprehensive equestrian coverage of the upcoming Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile, commencing on October 20, 2023. As the foremost platform for equestrian enthusiasts, EQUUS Television will provide viewers with an all-encompassing and in-depth experience of this prestigious sporting event, from start to finish.

The Pan American Games, known for their celebration of sportsmanship and excellence, will be the stage for top equestrian talents from across the Americas. EQUUS Television will capture the essence of this international sporting spectacle, delivering a front-row seat to the thrilling equestrian competitions that define these games.

“At EQUUS Television, our mission is to connect equestrian enthusiasts around the world with the passion, excitement, and excellence of the equestrian world,” said EQUUS Television CEO John Barlett. “We are proud to be the go-to source with our unique way of showcasing both an in depth and behind-the-scenes view of equestrian events, which begins even before we arrive. Our commitment to providing beginning-to-end coverage of the Pan American Games in Santiago exemplifies this dedication.”

EQUUS Television’s coverage will encompass a wide range of equestrian disciplines, including Show Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, and behind the scenes preparation. Viewers can expect to witness the electrifying moments of triumph and the heartfelt stories of dedication that make equestrian sports so captivating.

The network’s renowned Worldwide Correspondent, Diana De Rosa, will be onsite in Santiago, Chile, to provide viewers with exclusive interviews, updates, and live coverage from the heart of the action. EQUUS Television will also feature expert commentary, in-depth analysis, and behind-the-scenes access to offer viewers a truly immersive equestrian experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of Equestrian Sports, EQUUS Television’s comprehensive coverage of the Pan American Games promises to be an unforgettable journey into the realm of equestrian excellence.

Join EQUUS Television in the upcoming weeks for interviews and insight with some of the top competitors from the USA and get the back story before the event, then stay tuned to EQUUS Television beginning October 20, 2023, as we embark on this exciting equestrian adventure from Santiago. Don’t miss a moment of the action—get ready to witness history in the making.

“The EQUUS Television Network has no limit on what type of equestrian events we will cover. If it has to do with horses, we want it on our channel,” Barlett added. For more information about EQUUS Television and to explore their extensive equestrian content library, please visit Website URL.

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