Exercise Routines and Fitness for the Pregnant Rider!

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We’re pleased to publish content that informs and entertains our equestrian readers. Laura Crump Anderson has just released a new book and you can read an excerpt on EIE Fitness for the Pregnant Rider – an excerpt from “Ultimate Exercise Routines for Riders”.

“While most doctors and literature on the subject will tell you not to ride while you are pregnant, if you are healthy and your pregnancy is progressing normally, you can certainly continue to exercise. You may need to make some modifications for your changing body, and that’s what a pregnancy-specific routine is designed to help you do.

 There are some exercises that are very safe to do while you’re pregnant; there are also some things you should avoid doing, such as deep twists, exercises on your stomach, and after your fourth month, exercises that have you on your back for extended periods of time. Be aware that expectant mothers often tire sooner, so don’t push yourself too hard as exhaustion leads to an increased risk of injury. The last thing you want from your exercise program is an injury that would make life even harder while you’re pregnant, so make sure you listen to your body and back off when it tells you to.

 I developed a special strength-building routine after working with riding clients who wanted to stay active during their pregnancies. Pregnant women are some of my favorites to work with because it is such an exciting period in their lives.”

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