American Equinocide – The Forgotten Origin of the Mustang Murder Machine

There’s two ways of looking at horses, kid. Money or Emotion. Passion or Profits.” 

Horse & Rider Living is excited to share the extraordinary story of Frank Litts; the diminutive American who waged a solitary war against the English businessman who killed enough horses to fill 57 million cans of newly invented Ken L Ration dog food.

Released on July 1st, Savin’ All My Love For You, explains how in order to keep the meat-eating machine fed, it demanded an uninterrupted stream of American equine flesh. After draining the Mid-West, thousands of trains carried horses in horrendous conditions from the company’s million-acre Montana ranch to the gruesome Illinois plant where the animals were transformed into corporate profit.

That’s when one man determined to stop the carnage. Armed with dynamite, Litts repeatedly attempted to blow up the plant. He was shot, imprisoned, escaped, and then returned to try again. The result was the beginning of a war over the fate of the nation’s horses that still rages today.

Written by award-winning journalist CuChullaine O’Reilly, founder of the Long Riders’  Guild and author of the Encyclopaedia of Equestrian Exploration, this provocative article documents the most ruthlessly efficient equine slaughter operation in North American history.

Horse & Rider Living
Barbara Godwin, Editor