GGT FOOTING ® Starts 2024 with Enthusiasm and Excitement

2023 was a standout year for Polysols/GGT FOOTING®.

Many new products, new horse show venues using our textiles and new builders!!

An increase in new excavators and builders in the equestrian arena business.

So many have come to us because of the well-known name of GGT FOOTING ®

And the reputation for excellent quality and outstanding customer service.

Whether you are looking to spend 30 cents a pound or 1.50 a pound. We have recipes to fit everyone’s budget!

 Our loss is your gain! A couple of our German Engineered arena conditioner arrived from Germany with paint scratches! We repainted them and now they are discounted! Conditioners (

GGT FOOTING ® What’s in a name?

 We are actively promoting and protecting our registered name of


GGT Footing has been flooded with inquiries on the various companies using the term!

We are happy to clear up any confusion.

 By way of background, Polysols owns United States Registration No. 4,012,875 for its GGT FOOTING mark in connection with synthetic surface material in the nature of a mixture of textiles, polyester, elasticized fibers, rubber, and rubber granules for use in laying equestrian track for recreational or sporting purposes, racing, training or exercising horses and other animals (“GGT Goods”) and United States Trademark Registration No. 4,012,876 for its GGT GERMAN GEO TEXTILE FOOTING & Design mark for use in connection with the same GGT Goods. These registrations are incontestable and provide our client with nationwide exclusivity to use the GGT Marks in connection with GGT Goods.  In addition, Polysols holds substantial common law trademark rights in its GGT mark in connection with the GGT Goods.

Federal law protects any word, name, symbol, device or combination thereof, used to identify and distinguish the source of an entity’s goods or services (i.e., a trademark). When another entity uses a mark likely to cause confusion, mistake, or deception, amongst the consuming public, federal law provides a cause of action to enjoin such infringing use and recover any monetary damages caused by such infringing use.

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