Grand Meadows Cares Series: Do You Really Understand Your Horse’s Digestive System?

by Nikki Alvin-Smith

The delicate nature of a horse’s digestive system is widely known, but a full understanding of what happens where and why is not always as well known. The questions of how and what grain to feed, whether any grain should be fed at all, how forage balances the horse’s diet, and how equine feed supplements fit into the nutritional equation are not easy to address. Especially given the different breeds and sizes of Equus, their variant lifestyles and litany of horse management protocols that the equine caregiver follows.

Confusion reigns supreme when it comes to what to throw in the feed bucket and how to know if the horse’s health is on the right track or in decline. The horse’s health faces seasonal challenges, changes in stress levels and performance criteria and the inevitable issues all our digestive and immune systems face that are caused simply by aging up.

 Horse Owners’ Ambivalence To Scope Out The Equine Digestive System

Resourcing a simple answer that scopes out the horse’s digestive system and is replete with straightforward and earnest advice is not always easy for the horse owner to locate. Biology was not everyone’s favorite class in school, and digesting technical talk and scientifically-backed research papers is not approachable for many folks, even if they had the time to spend at the task.

Sadly, until an Equus is in real trouble health wise, the horse owner is often ambivalent about checking out the details of the horse’s alimentary canal and how it actually works. Reliance on the veterinary surgeon’s advice may offer a generic viewpoint based on their own experience as an ambulatory service provides where they are expected to be master of all, in the vast field of equine science. It can be very helpful for the veterinary professional who is tasked to explain the machinations of the equine nutritional processes and needs during an equine medical crisis, if the horse owner has a basic working knowledge of how the animal’s digestive system operates.

The ABC’s Of Equine Digestion

 Grand Meadows’ owner, Nick Hartog, brings his down to earth British approach to a series of short and readily accessible video chats on the topic of equine digestion that offer a nose to tail understanding of the horse’s digestive system.

Start with watching these videos, you will learn a lot and be entertained. We promise these horse videos are not boring!

And then read these Grand Meadows articles about the horse digestive system, equine microbiome, and horse health in general:

The better educated the horse owner/caregiver the better the quality of care and feeding the horses in their care will enjoy. Much money can be saved on potential vet bills, overfeeding of grain rations and inadvertent poor nutritional feeding practices.

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