Grand Meadows Cares Series: Take Your Equine Feed Supplement to The Max While Keeping Horse Ownership Expenses Down

by Nikki Alvin-Smith

The expression, “A dollar saved is a dollar earned,” applies as much to horse owners as to everyone else. Figuring out ways to improve our horses’ health but save money at the same time makes sense with the ever-increasing costs associated with horse care and ownership.

One area that horse owners expense vast sums of money is in their horse barn feed rooms. Taking a hard look at all costs involved in horse care is a good way to balance the budget, and using one feed supplement instead of 7 or more can be a good way forward to achieving that goal.

Horses love their oats so why not roll them together with a palatable and comprehensive feed supplement to make a tasty bite that eliminates the need for adding multiple supplements to a grain ration. In fact, you don’t need to use a grain ration at all and you can put all those pots, potions, spoons and tubs that clutter up your feed room away in the cupboard. Simply replace them with a convenient 7 formulas in 1 product that addresses 7 major nutritional needs for your horse at one time.

A brilliant idea, forged with diligence with over 25 years of experience bringing high level formulas to the stable, Grand Premium Plus™ has been wowing the horse world professionals with its special formula.

While professionals like Heather Blitz, Allison Kroff, Smoky Pritchett and William Fox Pitt are already in the know and express their maximum support for this maximum formula, there are many horse owners still to discover its potent benefits for their equines. Which is a shame because the price point of the product is affordable and offers good value.

The 7 major categories that horse supplements address in overall horse health break down to the following:

  • Joint Support
  • Hoof Support
  • Digestion-Immune
  • Tendon-Ligament
  • Skin-Coat
  • Vitamins-Minerals
  • Probiotics-Prebiotics

But rarely does a formulation address all these needs in one product. Carefully crafted, the grain like appearance and taste of Grand Premium Plus™ that is enhanced by natural flavorings for optimal appeal under equine noses, encourages horses to nibble happily on it without fuss. But more important than its palatability is its considerable range of support that the accurately labelled ingredients (manufacturer Grand Meadows is a leader and indeed co-founder of the all-important NASC bringing proven honesty to the label and stable).

Factor into the equation that the over 55 high quality ingredients include the desired stabilized formulations that ensure the constituents actually work, and that the product is a well-balanced blend of these premium ingredients, and the price point becomes even more impressive.

Costs per serving does count. Horse owners whether professional level or amateurs, appreciate the competitive pricing that despite increased shipping costs due to market forces, Grand Meadows still manages to deliver.

Making life better for our horses is important, but so is making life better for ourselves by bringing the best supplements to the stable and making life easier for ourselves financially. NRCHA Hall of Famer Smoky Pritchett, keeps his horses on Grand Meadows products because, “Our vet bills have gone down,” and “Our young horses have bloomed.”

While Olympic Games Alternate, Nations Cup Team Bronze Medalist, Pan-American Team Gold and Silver Medalist, dressage rider Heather Blitz, appreciates the Grand Meadows products for providing her horses a consistent, “Extra edge to perform and win at their elite level of competition.”

High praise indeed from some of the most accomplished horse folks in the globe and the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ardently expressed support for the Grand Premium Plus™ product and others in the Grand Meadows line up.

As horse owners seek to decrease horse ownership expenses without cutting corners, Grand Premium Plus™ can help them achieve that goal. As well as helping to balance the budget, the balanced formulation will aid the horse in rebalancing his delicate digestive system, provide important all-around support for all his nutritional needs.

Science is a wonderful thing but bringing it to the horse owner in a tried and tested product that remains affordable and makes life simpler is a passionate mission for Grand Meadows owner Nick Hartog:

“The most consistent response we get from our customers is that it works. We strive every day to keep our prices low and our product quality high and it’s heartwarming to be able to do that for our horses and our clientele. Don’t be shy to call and ask questions. I am always here to listen and to help.”

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 About Grand Meadows: Founded in 1989 by visionary Angela Slater, Grand Meadows is a leading horse health product and equine supplement manufacturer driven by the guiding principle of providing affordable, extremely high-quality science-backed horse products to help ensure horses look and feel their best.

For the past 35 years the company’s mission has been honored and developed further, by President Nick Hartog, who among other accomplishments is one of the founding members and current board member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), an organization that has a profound impact on the safety, transparency, and legitimacy of the animal supplement industry.

Grand Meadow products are widely used and trusted across the entire horse community from Olympic medal winning competitors and successful horse racing trainers to backyard horse owners. Their equine supplements are highly regarded for their excellent quality resourced ingredients and completely accurate labelling and effective formulations. Learn more at

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