HorseGrooms: an Exciting New Community for Grooms!

Sharing knowledge, educating, connecting, providing resources, advancing the craft of grooming, creating an online place for grooms, and keeping horsemanship alive; those are the goals of the people behind the new online community HorseGrooms.

Founded by Dinette Neuteboom, an equine world traveler, rider, groom, and content writer, HorseGrooms was born out of love for the horse and love for the sport. Together with her brand and web designer friend Amy McGann, who grew up as an English rider and worked cattle on horseback in the remote Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming, she developed HorseGrooms into a platform for grooms of all levels, all disciplines, and all ages.

Love for the Horse

“HorseGrooms is dedicated to ambitious grooms everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are a five-star FEI Groom, a wannabe groom, or a groom at a dealing stable in remote Germany. We all share our love for the horse and many similar tasks,” says Neuteboom.

Focus on the Grooms

“The goal is to create a space for grooms to support and educate each other and to help advance the craft of horsemanship and grooming. Grooms are very often taken for granted, while they are one of the most important parts of an equestrian team. Most online and print media are focused on riders. While most of those offer great information, we want to focus on the grooms, on their craft, on their lives, on their mental health, and on their working conditions, and offer a spotlight of industry features for grooms by grooms.”

Great Support

While only started a few months ago, HorseGrooms has received great support from many grooms world-wide. Been-there-done-that grooms, inexperienced grooms, and top level FEI grooms; many agree that this is a platform that will help us make the most of an industry we all love. Neuteboom: “We are grateful for the support we have received so far and for all the great people that have already contributed or want to contribute their expertise. We have many more exciting things lined up and look forward to the future. We hope that our ideas and platform can really help grooms with things like balancing their work and social life better and improving their nutrition. But, of course, we also want to share what fellow grooms do regarding regular every day care, or best practices when rehabbing a horse.”

Learn From Each Other

“Although we realize not one horse is the same and there are more ways to do something well, we should always stay open minded and open to learning. We can all learn from each other.  We hope will become one of the better go-to resources for ambitious grooms everywhere. And with that, we truly hope to contribute a little bit to keeping horsemanship alive.”

To learn more, visit, go to @horse.grooms on Facebook or Instagram, or contact Dinette Neuteboom via email, WhatsApp or iMessage. and +1 (561) 246 9068.