HorseGrooms Announces Podcast with Laura Kraut’s Head Groom Margo Thomas

HorseGrooms, an online community for and by grooms, announces their most recent podcast, a conversation with Margo Thomas, Olympic show jumping rider Laura Kraut’s head groom. Thomas talks about what her days look like when the team is at home or on the road and showing, her approach to leg and skin care, and her advice for aspiring professional horse grooms.

As the third in a series of podcasts with equestrian grooms and groom’s advocates, Thomas found time to talk to HorseGrooms shortly after winning the Longines FEI Nations Cup in California with the U.S. Showjumping team and flying to the Netherlands, where Team Kraut is based over the summer. “I like talking about my passion and sharing knowledge and experiences,” said Thomas, who grew up in the eventing world and learned a lot of old-school care and great horsemanship there.

Lenore Brown and Pedro Cebulka
uests in the first two podcasts were Lenore Brown, former groom and current Director of Sponsorship for Wellington International, and Pedro Cebulka, the always colorfully dressed ringmaster of the biggest events in the world.

Brown talks about the changes Wellington International has created for the grooms and gets honest about the challenges and opportunities faced in the grooming industry. She advocates for grooms’ well-being and possible career development and the unexpected skills you hone while grooming.

Ringmaster Pedro (Cebulka) speaks about giving back to a sport we all love and fostering good mental attitudes in old, experienced, and new grooms. He also talks about how to create an industry that allows for long, happy, and healthy grooming careers.

Grooms’ Mental Health and Finances
HorseGrooms is a new platform of resources, education, and support for grooms by grooms. It’s an online community and spotlight of industry features born out of love for the horse and love for the sport. Articles published thus far cover topics like body clipping, bodywork for horses, vital signs, and vaccinations. But HorseGrooms also recognizes the less talked about problems in the grooming industry like mental health, finances, healthy eating, and which questions to ask when going into a job interview.

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