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Horsemanship Radio is one of the top podcasts for the equestrian world since 2013.

Launching August 1, Episode 236 by HandsOnGloves: Kansas Carradine Flying Atop Horses & Relax Trax, Music That Calms

Episode 235 by HandsOnGloves: What to Expect in a Lameness Exam & Gaited Horse Basics

Jul 16, 2023

Episode 234 by HandsOnGloves: Ambassador for Horses & Does Your Horses Bit Fit?

Jul 3, 2023

Episode 233 by HandsOnGloves: Actress Beth Behrs Loves Horses! & Adam Black Horsemanship

Jun 15, 2023

Episode 232 by HandsOnGloves: Sylvia Zerbini Headed to Breyerfest & Appalachian Brumbies?

Jun 1, 2023

Episode 231 by HandsOnGloves: Can AI Benefit Horsemanship? , Origins of Team Penning Part 2

May 15, 2023

Episode 230 by HandsOnGloves: Working Equitation Part 2 and Roots of Team Penning

May 3, 2023

Monty Roberts chose his Title Sponsor for his podcast, Jay Michaelson founder of Hands On Gloves has been a guest on the podcast to explain the synergy with Monty Roberts and healthy, happy horses. Show sponsors are  and Kent Feeds. A podcast is simply a free radio show, played on-demand for you, usually on your phone. Found on pod-catchers like Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, the advantage over regular radio is the many choices for how and when to listen to the shows. With podcasts you can listen on the website using the players in each show listings. Subscribe to the shows for free in order to automatically receive them when they are published and listen while cleaning stalls, on a trail ride, or driving to a horse show. Podcasts are about choices.

The Horsemanship Radio Show is dedicated to the exploration of good horsemanship throughout the world. Hosted by Debbie Roberts Loucks (Monty Roberts’ daughter) the show includes segments, tips and interviews exploring good horsemanship. Guests have included Olympians, Trainers, Farriers, and clinicians. Since launching in the fall of 2013, Monty Roberts, Temple Grandin, Joe Camp, Ron Ralls, Phillip Ralls, Sandy Collier, Richard Winters, Sheila Varian, and over 400 guests have all contributed their knowledge of horsemanship over 235 episodes.

Monty Roberts emphasized that “the time had come for the cross-discipline concepts of non-violent training be shared on the airwaves”. He added that he supports the efforts of the Horse Radio Network and Horsemanship Radio.

Host Debbie Roberts Loucks shared that ‘Feel good about the direction horsemanship is going’ is the byline of the show and promised encouraging trends in the industry to be espoused in every episode. The shows are aired the 1st and 15th of every month and can be found here:  Or people can also search for the Horsemanship Radio on the Horse Radio Network here:

People can find it free wherever you listen to podcasts.

The New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned horse trainer Monty Roberts is available for interviews.

 MONTY ROBERTS first gained widespread fame with the release of his New York Times Best Selling book, The Man Who Listens To Horses; a chronicle of his life and development of his non-violent horse training methods called Join-Up®. Monty grew up on a working horse farm as a firsthand witness to traditional, often violent methods of horse training and breaking the spirit with an abusive hand. Rejecting that, he went on to win nine world’s championships in the show ring. Today, Monty’s goal is to share his message that “Violence is never the answer.” Roberts has been encouraged by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the award of the Membership in The Royal Victorian Order, as well as becoming Patron of Join-Up International. Other honors received were the ASPCA “Founders” award and the MSPCA George T. Angell Humanitarian Award. Monty is credited with launching the first of its kind Equus Online University; an interactive online lesson site that is the definitive learning tool for violence-free training.

 DEBBIE ROBERTS LOUCKS joined her parents, Monty and Pat Roberts, in 2002 to build Monty Roberts’ international training schedule and oversee their publishing, product development and licensing. Monty Roberts is the world renowned original Horse Whisperer and New York Times Bestselling author of The Man Who Listens to Horses. Pat Roberts is an internationally acclaimed sculptress of horses. A graduate of UCLA, Debbie has extensive experience in marketing as well as new business development.
Debbie’s life-long work with horses, as well as her commitment with Monty to advance his concepts, uniquely qualifies her to extend the MPRI brand into a global leadership organization which has impacted millions of individuals, companies, organizations, governments and industries. She is credited with launching the MONTYROBERTSUNIVERSITY.COM; an interactive online lesson site considered one of the most effective educational tools for horsemen on the web. Meet Debbie on Facebook. Learn more about Debbie at

 Join-Up philosophies can be seen at work with both humans and horses across the world, from farms to major corporations. To learn more about Monty Roberts or the many applications of his Join-Up training methods, visit

Photos available upon request

Media Contact: Debbie Loucks
Monty and Pat Roberts, Inc./Join-Up® International
(949) 632-1856