Horses and Humans Research Foundation (HHRF) Announces Call for Proposals for Innovative Grant- Up to $10,000 Available

Horses & Humans Research Foundation (HHRF) announces a request for proposals for an innovative grant.  Up to $10,000 is available to be awarded. We are looking for game-changing, innovative, and disruptive ideas that will lead to new equipment, processes, or services and could be a stepping- stone for future research.

The goal of this grant is to connect practice with scientific knowledge by supporting innovative research with high-impact potential that might not be funded through traditional channels. Our intent is to stimulate exploration, encourage the testing of hypotheses, and generate preliminary data that will open new pathways for future research.

The HHRF board met in August and decided there is a need to offer additional grants for innovation. The board made an announcement of this plan at the 2022 conference in Ohio at Fieldstone Farm. HHRF wants projects that will build research or the profession of Equine-assisted Services (EAS). The board will be asking the top tier applicants to present a slide deck to them as part of the process.

Dr. Pebbles Turbeville, HHRF Executive Director, shared “We are really excited to offer this opportunity to future researchers who want to explore an exciting idea. We will be offering a larger grant that will be announced in January.”

Deadline for submission proposals is January 30, 2023.  Information for applicants, including the recently updated innovative application and review guidelines, previously funded projects, and more are available at

Contribute to HHRF today and help ensure that this important research, and education about research on horse-human interactions continues. For more information about HHRF and our team, visit the website or contact Dr. Pebbles Turbeville, Executive Director,

Mission: Through sustained investment in rigorous research, HHRF serves as a catalyst to advance global knowledge of horse-human interactions and their impact on the health and wellness of people and horses.

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