Horses & Humans Research Foundation Fundraiser Campaign “You Said It, So Pay It!”

Do you have an eagle eye for spotting mistakes in TV shows and movies featuring horses and riders? Turn your keen observation into a powerful force for good! Join our unique fundraiser campaign and contribute to groundbreaking research that benefits both horses and humans.

How It Works:

Spot a Mistake: Watch a TV show or movie that involves horses or riders during the month of September. Whenever you spot a mistake – be it an incorrect riding technique, inaccurate horse behavior, or any blunder – it’s time to act!

Make a Difference: For every mistake you catch, make a $3 donation to the Horses & Humans Research Foundation. Your small contributions add up to create impactful research opportunities.  (You can keep track during the month and make a one- time donation at the end if that is easiest for you.)

Support Research: Your dollars go directly towards research grants that bridge the gap between equestrianism and science. Just $3 a day from donors throughout September can pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries.

Why Participate?

Improve Equestrian Accuracy: Help raise the bar for accurate portrayals of horses and riders in media.

Foster Research: Contribute to studies that enhance the well-being of both horses and the humans who interact with them.

Community Engagement: Connect with fellow equestrians and movie buffs who share your passion for horses and high-quality media.

Together, Let’s Ride Towards Progress!

Event Details:
Campaign Period: September 1-30
Donations: $3 per identified mistake
Donation Method: QR Code or website

For more information and to donate, visit our website:

 To add to the fun, the person who makes the most contributions to their jar will win an HHRF computer bag with goodies inside! 

Your contributions can turn entertainment into education and enjoyment into empowerment. Help us make a difference through September!

CONTACT: Dr. Pebbles Turbeville, HHRF Executive Director, or