Horses & Humans Research Foundation Offers Two Free Webinars in June

Horses and Humans Research Foundation (HHRF) is excited to announce two free webinars in June!  You won’t want to miss these two events!

Mary Ann Simonds, author of “A Horse by Nature” will speak about part three of her book on June 12, 2024 at 7:00pm (EST) – What We Do With Horses- Ethics, Economics & Welfare. Mary Ann will be addressing the ethics of horse sports and asking the questions needed to ensure horse welfare in all disciplines.

“A Horse by Nature” provides hundreds of tips to help you better understand the natural social behaviors of horses living both with and without humans. You will gain an insider’s view of wild horse culture based on the author’s years of research and learn how to apply the essential knowledge horses teach horses to better your relationship with any horse.

Based on the author’s background as both a wild horse ecologist and a sport horse behaviorist, the book weaves science and intuition together giving the reader assessment tools for determining equine personality and learning style, as well as guidance for enhanced inter-species communication.

Mary Ann grew up loving horses and showing in California, then pursued her passion, studying wild horses and equestrian psychology. She has been in professional practice for more than 45 years as a researcher, educator, coach, and consultant. A pioneer in the field of human-animal interactions, Simonds established models for minimizing stress in both humans and horses with a focus to improve sport horse welfare.

HHRF also invites you to join us for an insightful and engaging 45-minute webinar with Dr. Shannon Burleson on June 26th at 12 PM EST!

Explore shifts in resilience, stress, and burnout among nursing students with the revolutionary REAL EAS implementation. Discover the principles and positive impact of the REAL intervention, delve into the crafting of a robust manual with REAL applications, and gain insights from REAL studies’ results. Don’t miss out on this transformative session!

Key Aims:

  1. Assess feasibility and safety.
  2. Explore changes in resilience, stress, and burnout among nursing students.
  3. Determine sustainability at a 3-month follow-up.


  1. REAL Intervention: Uncover its principles and positive impact.
  2. Manualization: Craft a robust manual with REAL application examples.
  3. Implementation: Forge partnerships for successful integration.
  4. Evaluation: From pilot programs to randomized controlled trials, see REAL studies as evidence-building exemplars.

Dr. Shannon Burleson holds a Ph.D. in nursing and is a dedicated educator specializing in equine-assisted learning to reduce nursing student burnout.  Shannon has worked in critical care settings as an ICU RN, a flight RN, a cardiovascular catheterization lab RN, and a chest pain coordinator. She currently teaches undergraduate nursing didactic and clinical courses in BSN and RN-to-BSN programs at the Orvis School of Nursing. Shannon’s research focus includes nursing education and integrative health with current projects investigating Native American access to secondary education, a resilience equine-assisted learning program with nursing students, competency-based education implementation, and evaluation of supplemental educational programs. Her primary research interest is studying a resilience equine-assisted learning program to reduce nursing student burnout.

To sign up for either or both webinars visit our website today! Seats are limited!

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