In July, HorseGrooms Shared Great Articles and Information for Grooms 

HorseGrooms, the platform and community for grooms and other horse people, published several very interesting articles last month, like the interview with experienced British top groom Mark Beever about the rehab of Olympic champion Big Star, two great articles with financial and nutritional information for busy grooms, and an article about the relationship between grooms and horse show organizers.

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Mark Beever and Big Star

Top groom Mark Beever worked with Olympic showjumping Champion Nick Skelton for 35 years. The article details Big Star’s remarkable rehabilitation after an injury, during which Beever played a crucial role. They used various techniques, including road work, spa treatments, and a special machine for horse diagnostics. Throughout the rehabilitation, Beever focused on keeping Big Star fit and healthy, which led to the horse making a successful comeback at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, winning an individual gold medal. It was an emotional and very rewarding moment for Beever who had spent over a year focusing only on Big Star’s rehab. It was a year with a fairytale ending.

Additionally, the article discusses Beever’s horse care practices, including leg care at shows and feeding routines. Read the whole article here:

Finance and nutrition for grooms

Other published articles were educational articles in the finance and nutrition series in which financial expert Emmy Sobieski and dietician Kimberly Maloomian share their wealth of knowledge with the hard working the finance article here: and the nutrition series here:

Be Kind

Just recently, HorseGrooms published an article written by Olympic groom Courtney Carson about the fact that everyone in this industry needs to work together for it to be successful and that, even though there are many things show organizers can do to help grooms, grooms also need to think twice sometimes before they get mad at show managers or share negative things on social media about show organizations.

“I know I’ve gotten upset with a competition in my time as a groom- but I wish someone would have spoken up and asked me to self reflect at the time. I’ve spoken with several show managers who have struggled with grooms, barn managers, and riders being unkind when it comes to simple things. We all want to enjoy this sport- so I wrote a quick article highlighting some of the problems that were brought to my attention. I hope this article helps put a few situations into perspective for everyone. Be kind to those around you, they aren’t trying to make your life difficult.” Read the whole article here:

If you are interested in sharing HorseGrooms articles or publishing them in your magazine, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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