Introducing Palomino and Pinto Editing Services

You love to write stories and you are great at it! But sometimes the writing on the page doesn’t match what is in your head. Even after editing your manuscript yourself, your writing is still missing its final shine.

That’s where Palomino and Pinto comes in.

Palomino and Pinto offers developmental edits, line edits, and proofreading to help you with your story at any stage of the writing process.

Free sample edits of up to 1500 words are available to make sure Palomino and Pinto is the right match for you.

Joyce Bloemker of Palomino and Pinto is a lifelong reader and has been riding horses for twenty years. She recently received her BA in Creative Writing and English from SNHU. She knows horses and writing, pays attention to small details, and cares about you and your work. She can help you put that final shine on your writing.

As a new editing service, Palomino and Pinto can work around your publishing schedule, but act fast to make sure you reserve the time slot that works best for you.

Email Joyce at to get your free sample edit today.