Liberty Festival Celebrates Unprecedented Success with Diverse Attendees from Across the Globe

45 States and 6 Countries Unite at this One-of-a-Kind Event Celebrating Liberty and the Horse-Human Connection

The Liberty Festival recently held at the Kentucky Horse Park, marked a triumphant milestone as it welcomed attendees from 45 different states and 6 different countries, cementing its reputation as a global celebration of liberty and unity.

The Liberty Festival, now in its second year, exceeded all expectations with an unforgettable gathering that brought together people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. The remarkable event showcased the power of liberty to unite people from around the world.

Key Highlights Include:

  1. Diverse International Participation: Festival-goers traveled from Germany, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and the UK as well as 45 different U.S. states to celebrate liberty through education, entertainment, community and competition.
  2. Diverse Perspectives: The festival featured demonstrations of Liberty that spanned an array of diverse applications including Liberty in live shows, film and entertainment, colt starting, competition, youth development, unwanted horses, therapy and more.
  3. Thought-Provoking Discussions: Renowned speakers and thought leaders engaged in inspiring discussions including the psychology of Liberty, overcoming obstacles with Liberty, teaching Liberty to youth, Liberty as a form of therapy, advanced Liberty training maneuvers, and even the unique relationship between women and Liberty.
  4. Community Engagement: The festival’s commitment to fostering community was evident through the various social events throughout the weekend that ranged from yoga and mindfulness sessions to VIP parties and the event’s signature “Real Talk Roundtable.”
  5. Record Attendance: Over 1800 attendees (more than double what attended in 2022) demonstrated  the festival’s growing impact and appeal to the industry.

“The success of this year’s Liberty Festival, proudly presented by the International Liberty Horse Association, is a direct reflection of the growing interest in this extraordinary discipline,” said Dr. Elizabeth James, Event Coordinator. “The horse-human connection transcends age, breed, backgrounds and borders. At the Liberty Festival this remarkable relationship is on full display and we couldn’t do it without our incredible partners at the ASPCA Right Horse Program, Hygain Feeds, the Mustang Heritage Foundation, Jug Waterers, the University of Louisville Equine Industry Program, Bravehorse CBD, Cinch and more.”

About the Liberty Festival
The Liberty Festival is dedicated to showcasing the transformative power of Liberty and empowering individuals to embrace a relational approach to horsemanship that transcends boundaries, enriches lives, and fosters a profound bond between horses and humans.

About the International Liberty Horse Association

The mission of the International Liberty Horse Association is to:

  • Unite all Liberty fans, trainers, enthusiasts and horses
  • Create and host shows for all levels and styles of Liberty
  • Showcase the talents of Liberty competitors, trainers and horses
  • Develop and foster interest in the Liberty discipline
  • Protect the integrity of the Liberty discipline through responsible stewardship.

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