Marketing Specialist/Strategist Company Horse in a Kilt Media Dancing Into 2024 – And You’re Invited to Join the Party

Horse in a Kilt Media Inc.’s mascot Hamish the Horse has finished his Hogmanay celebrations and is back with his Viking hat on ready to attack the nuances of the 2024 marketing year.

The year started off with a bang as the company’s popular imprint, Catskill Horse Magazine showcased that their ‘always free to read’ equestrian and rural lifestyle themed offerings reached new heights with a monthly readership approaching a healthy 126,000 views.

The magazine’s audience extends far beyond the original anticipated regional equestrian marketplace. Today its avid readers hail from nearly every state in the U.S.A. with an additional influence in Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Catskill Horse magazine also celebrated a prestigious achievement publishing their 101st edition in 2023. The vision for the further development of the magazine includes lots of extras that both the readers and the stalwart advertisers will benefit from as Editor Nikki Alvin-Smith explains in her blog here.

Other publishing projects are also in the works at Horse in a Kilt Media Inc.

Following the recent release of the 2nd Edition of international award-winning artist Mary Brazier’s work, Christmas Greetings, that received a warm welcome at its launch in Buckinghamshire, England in October 2023, titles due for release in the 2024 line up encompass a range of genres.

These include The English Village, a Tom Sharpe style humorous commentary on rural British life and horsey lifestyle, and an historical romance, Deep Desire.

Collaboration with the multi-media production hub The Horse Studio Inc. will continue in 2024, with the development of professional video production that in addition to horse training series with advanced level equestrians, will include Tik-Tok and other social media platform video production including scriptwriting/editing /consultation services.

PR/Marketing strategy development and specialist marketing advice including a huge menu of content writing services are as ever at the forefront of Horse in a Kilt Media’s offerings.

“I believe the success of Horse in a Kilt Media is driven by the creative angles and thought leadership exhibited in our content creation, and our no-nonsense open honest approach to marketing strategy where we earnestly put the client’s needs first, with a proven concept that yields results. Our high client contract renewal rate expresses the loyalty of the folks we work for, and attests to the successful results of our efforts.

I personally spend a lot of time with my feet on the ground in the horse world quite literally. I work directly with riders and horse owners at the clinics my husband Paul and myself give worldwide to dressage, eventing, and showjumping equestrians. I chat with auditors and event hosts and attendees that run the gamut from beginners to Grand Prix competitors, from teens to vintage riders. Paul and I also continue to take instruction from iconic names in the horse world whenever we see an opportunity. I enjoy passing knowledge along. It is after all, why I became a writer and clinician/trainer in the first place. This keeps me in touch with what people are talking about, what they are viewing and what they want. Alongside that keeping abreast of PR/Marketing trends through my networking at New York City chapters of media relations, and attendance at places like QVC London with clients, keeps me up to date with market forces at play. I am always learning and am always thrilled to share that knowledge with clients. While I have been at this a while now, I realize that my continued education in all aspects of marketing is essential to keeping my clients front and center in their industry – and I love it!

At Horse in a Kilt Media, we are always happy to build a brighter future for businesses of any size, and our door is always open to everyone. We offer a bounty of budget varietal packages, from start-up to VIP level. Please reach out to me via email or give me a ring if you have a need, “says Horse in a Kilt Media founder and owner, Nikki Alvin-Smith.

More information of services on offer can be found at

About Nikki:
Internationally published writer, content creator, PR/Marketing specialist, photographer and equestrian Nikki Alvin-Smith offers “Engaging Content that Engages Riders to Read,” with unique and fresh material for your horse or pet related business, magazine, website, newsletter, blog, and email blast sales machine. Her portfolio of works is extensive and includes equestrian and pet features that have been published worldwide in over 250 different magazine titles. Her clients include do/have included: equestrian and “B” list movie celebrities for whom she regularly ghostwrites and provides PR services; manufacturers of equine and pet related medical devices, feedstuffs, supplements, grooming supplies, fencing and barn equipment, horse transport, horse structures and professional equine service providers; profit and non-profit initiatives and organizations; and non-equestrian related businesses/publications in the pet industry, investment, real estate and international travel and rural lifestyle.

Nikki Alvin-Smith is a British international level Grand Prix dressage competitor/trainer/coach/clinician. Together with her husband Paul, who is also a Grand Prix dressage rider, Nikki operates Willowview Hill Farm , a private dressage yard and organic hay farm in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The duo provides ‘team’ clinician services to clients worldwide to riders of all levels and many riding disciplines.

Contact: Nikki Alvin-Smith: Content Writer; PR/Marketing Specialist
Cell: 607 434 4470