Martin Collins November Deal on CLOPF® Performance Fiber

To celebrate the US Dressage Championships and Black Friday, Martin Collins are running a deal for the whole of November on their CLOPF® Performance Fiber.

 This cost effective, long lasting, and safe to use performance fiber is proven to improve the stability and structure of a sand arena and is now available at its lowest ever price. Usually $0.83c per lb, but for the whole month of November it is going to be discounted by a whopping 15% to just $0.70 a lb!

World-renowned performance fibre, CLOPF® was developed by Martin Collins and is arguably the best ‘binding’ fiber on the market. Adding the fiber into an existing sand surface will aid stability and provide more ‘cushion’ and energy return to the horse. With correct maintenance, a horse will work more ‘on top’ of the surface rather than ‘into’ it. It also has excellent moisture retaining qualities.

Martin Collins provides Guidelines for those wishing to install the fiber themselves and are on hand to offer advice if required.   There are also a team of approved Martin Collins contractors throughout the US and their contact details can be supplied upon request.

This incredible performance fiber is also guaranteed safe to use and environmentally friendly. The Martin Collins Group only source virgin material which ensures the product does not have contaminants that may come from using post-consumer material.  The fibers they strictly use have been Laboratory analysed for Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) which are chemical substances that may pose a risk to health and the environment.

So, if you were planning on rejuvenating your arena whilst also protecting your horse’s legs then put your trust in CLOPF® Performance Fiber this November and benefit from this amazing deal.

For more information call (859) 321 3751 or download the free guide from