NCHA Foundation Clinic in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Foundation recently held a cutting clinic in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, alongside the Pennsylvania Cutting Horse Association (PCHA) weekend show. The event, which took place on Friday, May 3, 2024, drew enthusiasts and participants from across the region, eager to sharpen their skills and deepen their understanding of the sport.

Led by trainers Bill Riddle, Paul Hansma, and Andy Adams, NCHA Director of Judges, the clinic was a hit. While guaranteed spots were first-come-first-serve, fellow competitors could audit the clinic throughout the day. The inaugural clinic hosted by the NCHA Foundation in partnership with PCHA was open to the public at no cost.

The day was filled with engaging sessions, live demonstrations, and hands-on practice opportunities, allowing participants to apply what they learned in real-time. Starting the morning off, Adams led a Judge’s Clinic that led into outdoor arena flag work. After a brief intermission for lunch, participants were able to do live work with a full herd, with Adams giving pointers after each ride. Once exiting the herd, trainers Riddle and Hansma coached riders individually.

The success of this clinic underscores the growing interest in cutting as a competitive sport and the importance of ongoing education and training in cultivating talented riders and horses. “The NCHA Foundation is proud to partner with the NCHA on these types of clinics, which highlight our commitment to fostering growth and knowledge within the sport. We are incredibly grateful for the support from donors that make these types of programs possible,” stated Julia Buswold, Director of NCHA Foundation.

The NCHA Foundation and PCHA extend their heartfelt thanks to all the participants, instructors, and volunteers who contributed to this event’s success, reaffirming their dedication to the advancement of cutting and the cutting community at large.

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