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Trafalgar Square Books ( is proud to announce the release of two exciting new instructional books for riders.

In NEUROATHLETICS FOR RIDERS, Olympic ski coach and founder of the Neuro-Rider Program Marc Nölke uses the power of brain science to unlock the equestrian body’s full potential.

Every movement of the rider’s body starts in the brain. Nölke explains how to direct the specific areas of the brain that control stability, sense of rhythm, precision of movement, breathing, and vision. With his unique brain-focused exercises, riders learn how to change the input sent to their brain to get healthier, more athletic output, which can include intentional and unintentional movement, and functions of circulatory, hormonal, or immune systems.

In a series of over 40 unique exercises, Nölke helps riders improve the signals they send to their brain from the proprioceptive system, visual system, vestibular system, and respiratory system. Regular practice will improve the rider’s overall performance as well as address specific issues. In time, Neuro-Rider training will make you feel lighter on horseback, help you follow the horse’s movements more naturally, increase your relaxation in the saddle, and enable you to become more effective overall.

168 pp | 338 color photos and illustrations | Watch the book trailer:

THE TRAINING SPIRAL uses engaging new ways to help riders understand and implement time-proven systems of horse training.

The “Scales of Training,” “Training Scale,” and “Training Pyramid” are familiar terms to riders. Around the globe and across disciplines, equestrians hear reference to them or study them as a part of their equestrian education. Dressage rider and trainer Sue Grice grew up with these concepts, too, and like many, found them to be not only fairly boring, but also confusing when it came to actually implementing them as part of daily training. In the course of her work with other riders, she came to realize that although many seemed to know about the Scales of Training in theory, few actually applied them in practice. Grice determined that this was because there was really no clear framework or methodology for implementing the system in a progressive manner.

So Grice conceived a new approach based on the standard but with a focus on a better rate of success. Success could be achieved when the rider was engaged with the system and understood how to continually adhere to it, even as advances (or falters) might occur. For over 30 years she has continued to develop and apply her ideas, and now she has finally brought them together to share with the world in this book.

With Grice’s Training Spiral, she enables riders and trainers to apply the classical elements of the Training Scale in a more progressive and logical manner, and employ them systematically within daily training as well as over a longer period of time. The clarity of Grice’s approach also helps horses understand what is being asked of them, leading to a happier relationship between horses and riders, and training that progresses more quickly and easily overall.

168 pp | 105 color photos and diagrams | Watch the book trailer:

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